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Vicky Pattison supports Ant McPartlin's And A break


Vicky Pattison said she was very happy that Ant McPartlin was trying to help (Picture: Getty)

Vicky Pattison has given her support to the co-Geordie Ant McPartlin as I was famous … Get Me Out of Here! Clothes up to hit screens without him.

The veterans presenter had to give her the best of her day job as half of the Antique and Ant pre-gift duet earlier this year after pleading guilty to drink, with ITV heads confirms that Morning Holly Willoughby would take her place in the jungle show hit.

As Dwi Color prepares to return later this month, Vicky admitted that she is very pleased that Ant takes some time off to take care of one number; after 17 years in the lights.

And I think it's so important that Ant takes some time off for himself, & # 39; former star Geordie Shore told Metro.co.uk.

If you look at her life and look at her work schedule over the last 17 years, they are so popular and so volatile and beautiful that they have been in such demand.

He has never had a second part for him and I think it's important that he takes some time to take care of one number.

Ant has Hello My Anniversary helmet with the introduction of a Dec partner since 2002 (Photo: James Gourley / REX / Shutterstock)

Vicky comments come three months after Ant confirmed that he would take a break from TV rollout duties until 2019, I have helmed my Celebration with Dec since 2002.

The announcement followed an incredible year for Ant, who sought rehabilitation treatment for prescribed drug and alcohol addiction in 2017 before being charged with driving and driving – resulting in a fine driving ban of 20,000 and 20 months in March.

When sharing a statement at the time, Ant explained: "My recovery is getting very good and for that reason to continue talking to Dec and ITV, I have made the decision to take the rest of the year away. ;

Holly will replace Ant later this month (Photo: Ken McKay / ITV / REX / Shutterstock)

Speaking about a new Holly appointment, Vicky said that ITV's heads could not have chosen to stand better and admitted she was excited to see what the new presentation duo would give to the interesting show .

And I do not think we could have asked a better person to stand in his shoes, & # 39; he remained 30 years old.

Holly is a great presenter and also a beautiful woman. I believe that she has asked for her consent before she only takes the job speaking volumes.

So, yes, very exciting about the new line, it will be different and fun and dynamic but I can not wait to see Ant ago and fight fits.

Holly goes out to Australia with Harry, nine, Belle, seven and Chester children four months later this month, and will face a hungry work schedule, which is said to be clocking in days 17 hours and 1am calls wake up .

Vicky was crowned the jungle queen in 2015 (Photo: ITV / REX Shutterstock (5398663w)

However, Vicky, who was crowned the jungle queen in 2015, will not join the Down Down duo to combine the show series, I'm most famous … Get Me Out of Here Now !, like her in 2016.

Instead, he revealed the real star that she will take the role of My Colormate to Good Morning Britain and The Morning that covers all the jungle events of & # 39; the UK.

I'll be back on the couch, & # 39; she smiled.

& # 39; I'm not ready to leave the jungle again. & # 39;

Vicky attended the McDonald's McCafé, Millionaire & Latte in London Wake Cup event, as part of his #ReindeerReady campaign.

For your McDonald reablement cup, go to reindeerready.co.uk.

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