Tuesday , July 5 2022

Veterans of the Second World War, 98, fight for life after aggressive & lucky; at his home Enfield


A Second World War veterans, 98, are in hospital with injuries that endangered life after an "enthusiastic and sensible" assault in their own home.

It is believed that Peter Gouldstone had been screened on November 5, and could be up to 20 hours before anybody was notified of his / her case.

He served in the Royal Corps of Signs during the Second World War, gaining a Corporal scale and was acknowledged for a "wonderful and wonderful service".

The police believe Mr Gouldstone could be dragged through his house at Evesham Road in Enfield, north of London. It has two layers on the brain.

Simon's son traveled Mr Gouldstone – a retired civil servant who was working at the Central arbitration committee – from Barnet after having a call from a neighbor.

He said: "I have keys to the front door and walked into the house and smelled a mouse because the house was very cold. I shouted out, went up staircase and there was on the floor.

"It was obviously burial and it was a little stronger. It was too conscious but breathed. It was completely awful, it was very independent. It was very capable. Because of its age, everyone was Thinking it's doing very well. A little sedentary. It's a terrible event.

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