Wednesday , September 28 2022

Ticket sales of Spice Girls after a queue online reaches 700,000


Spice Girls have broken ticket sales records as fans try to get their place in an online queue show of more than 700,000 people.

The band added several dates to a reunion trip after fans failed to frustrate their rushes for tickets.

The group, who will go back with the next year without Victoria Beckham, will announce that they will hold additional dates in London, Coventry and Manchester.

The Spice World tour will start at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester on May 29, 2019, instead of June 1, and will play three dates in the city.

They will hold two additional dates at the Wembley Stadium in London, with shows on June 13, 14 and 15, and an additional date in Coventry, with another show at Ricoh Arena on June 4.

Andrew Parsons, managing director of Ticketmaster, said: "The demand for Spice Girls was on the chart. They have broken through Ticketmaster UK's recordings ever selling a busier ever.

"Millions of people on our website were looking for tickets, with a queue at one point of over 700,000.

"Happy hundreds of thousands of tickets were sold to happy fans across the country within minutes. Congratulations to the girls. From what we have seen, they could have played almost every night for a year."

The fans were striving to get tickets to live shows, and Ticketmaster was able to write on Twitter: "Morning Spice Supporters! We're very busy and we are selling tickets fast.

"To ensure fair access, some of you can see queue pages, follow the instructions."

One fan wrote on Twitter: "@TicketmasterUK how are you supposed to be able to buy tickets for # SpiceWorld2019 when" something gone out of place "will continue to show ????? It's absolutely ridiculous!"

Another said: "No @TicketmasterUK, there is no problem with my connection! Your website can not handle the" Cheers #igiveup "traffic."

Others expressed anger that tickets already appeared on resale websites. One wrote: "Absolutelyrubbish. Keep kicked out. In some cases these tickets are already on other websites for hundreds already." Not good. "

Yet another said: "@TicketmasterUK Do you tell me I've been all since they went for sale, keep the error message and people have already bought and put on a stubhub for an amount of RADOL money. Come and solve it. "

However, others celebrated their success, with one fan saying: "IMPLEMENTATION I DO NOT MAKE I # SPICEWORLD2019 NEXT YEAR! I literally cry. Dream is true."

Another wrote: "Could not believe I had TICYNNES! So, so awesome sooooooooo! Ha-Si-Ya HOLD TIGHT !!!!"

Ticketmaster was giving support to fans and encouraged them not to give it up, tweeted: "The website is tied up and many of you get your @SpiceGirls tickets this morning !

"If you're still in the queue, do not turn off, there are plenty of tickets to go around."

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