Monday , October 3 2022

The percentage of drivers sleeping around the wheel was called


Назван процент водителей, засыпающих за рулемData provided by British scientists.

Sociological studies have shown that there were 53 fatalities caused by 371 fatalities in England in 2017 due to the fatigue of the driver. Researchers believe that fatigue causes a quarter of all accidents.

Such data is provided by British scientists who analyze more than 20,000 drivers. They decided that the probability of accidents in the groups studied was 37%. Drivers say that sometimes tired of falling fear sleeping behind the wheel. Estimates are that men are more likely to suffer by sleeping drivers. Of course – 17% of men tend to lose driving alerts and only 5% of women can fall by boats. In addition, only 57% of drivers of each respondent tend to wait for the break, knowing that not to sleep.

The main causes of fatigue and willingness, researchers think that there is a long and strong day (39%), an incredible traveling day (33%), driving at night (27%), trying to reach more distance in one day (27%) and lack of sleep before the trip (26%).

It is worth noting that a driver who is "disabled" for three or four seconds when driving on the highway, during this short period outweighs the distance of the size of a football field. The 30-second "double" is at a speed of 90-100 km / h that the car is not controlled, drive 0.8 kilometers.

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