Wednesday , September 28 2022

The next update of Overwatch will be an argument of unloading


Now that OverwatchThe newest hero, Ashe and sister Bob, have been disclosed, players are keen to release in the next game update. However, Blizzard has begun to warn players that the update will be a bit more substantial than the normal part, and in fact a complete reboot of the game will be required. This is not just the case of Ashe and Bob; instead of Blizzard reorganizes a significant number of back systems with the intention of making the most of the game as a whole.

The developer has not yet given an exact release date for this update, but the fact that they have started advise players from the increase in the download size may not far, maybe even within next week. Blizzard made a post on his official forums explaining that he was with OverwatchThe next upcoming news that they can not overwrite current content, and PC players and consoles are fully restored.

They recognize that this could make things difficult for those with limited internet connections, not to mention progress during download time, but the point of advance warning is to help players plan ahead.

"Most of the next field will have some pretty basic changes to the game client. The number of surplus changes we give is substantial enough that we can not carry the current content in efficiently. As a result, when the next piece comes out, the client will completely reset to these changes. We know that this is not ideal for people with meter connections, so I hope this announcement will help you prepare for this next update. "

In terms of which upgraded systems are being improved, players will need to wait for the patch notes after they are released for all the details. However, Blizzard confirmed him Kotaku Memory memory among the memory changes has been optimized for "limited systems," better load times, where to reduce hard drive on PS4, adjustments for future content, and general threat settings. It's similar to PC players who do not have much RAM or the most powerful ones can expect a tougher experience in running the game.

PC players who are trying to get up-to-date information as early as possible can leave the app open to download Overwatch client as it has been released over time, and those on PS4 and Xbox One will need to wait until the update is released immediately for their consol.

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