Monday , January 17 2022

The gardener praised the Remote Day mural that was dirthed on the back of the van


A self-employed gardener has received a stream of supportive messages after he has taken a complicated mural for the Remembrance Day in the dirt on the back of his van.

Shaun Harvey, 34, spent some and a half hours using his finger and brush to create the image after a request by his six-year-old son, Zak.

"My child wanted me to take Lancaster on my back for a poppy day (as it is called)," said Mr Harvey at the Press Association.

The piece sees the Lancaster Bomber plane flying over a soldier's scene beside a grave, with the words "Lest We Forget".

Mr Harvey, from New York, Lincolnshire said he "liked to love art at school" but he has not done so much since then.

Photos of their place have been shared on Facebook thousands of times and some users have even offered it money.

One user wrote: "You have a huge talented friend. If you've ever liked to take one of these to me, I would be glad to pay for it."

After its success on social media, Shaun was invited to Lincoln Aviation Heritage Center to get a picture of that spot with real Lancaster Bomber.

"I'm very grateful for all the girlfriend the photo has got," said Shaun. "I'll pull on my van again but do not think he'll get this response."

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