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Test used: BMW 5 Series vs. Jaguar XF


But what if you're looking for a bit of us? Well, for a small premium, the 530d packs are a 3.0 liter engine with additional cylinders (six of all) couples lighten pace with reasonable surging running costs.

It sounds very compelling, but if you're searching for a fast diesel salad, would X6 diesel Jaguar diesel be even better used tops? With a vehicle almost strong sports and machine games, could a two-year-old example of the cats of the latter be in fact a game for his German competition? Read on to find out.

BMW Series 5

What do they like driving?

New, at the V6 XF diesel price, you could have had 530d with optional four wheel drive (xDrive). This helps make the car less handsome than the standard version of back wheel drive in slippery conditions, and it is on the car we test it here.

This extra traction explains why the Series 5 is faster than the mark in our tests. Plan your right foot and stretch to 30mph without any play at all, while the X-drive-only wheel tends to start its back wheels as it finds it difficult Transfer its power to the road – especially in the damp. Once you are on the move, however, both salons are accelerating very quickly, so only a lightweight squeeze of your right footer is needed to spray traffic that slows slowly.

It is opportunities that you want your luxury car to be pumped instead of driving to drive faster by time. But when a large part of an empty road opens from before them, the XF will certainly put the smile more on your face.

It steers it quickly, in detail and sends enough feelings to your fingers, while the nose responds to even the most common navigation input.

Jaguar XF

Series 5 feels more and more. It does not respond as eager as you turn the wheel – even if you find a car that has the active active steering option to add , a feature that allows rear wheels to turn a little to improve agility. The 5 Series never means that you are in the experience of going around corners quite well as the XF, but it is very remote.

In addition, the Series 5 can actually be a faster faster than the XF speed, as it fits the road better. He also feels more planting at high speed as it goes in a straight line, and insists it much better from engine, wind and road noise. These are all things that you'll really appreciate if you're doing many miles of motorways, as it means you will always reach your resort feels more relaxed.

Travel comfort can be argued as the most important feature of a luxury car, and Series 5 is not disappointing. True, our test car benefits from another option again – Various Miscellaneous Control suspension – but with this, it runs the worst of British ways so that it floats on a magic carpet, melts holes and stays getting It is beautifully managed on the motorway. The XF is not in any way uncomfortable, but you feel more of the obstacles when driving for them, regardless of the speed.

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