Monday , March 8 2021

Super Mario Odyssey has sold more than half a million physical copies in the UK

IMG Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey has achieved another significant milestone, this time in the United Kingdom. Following its release in October last year, the Switch title has moved for over 500,000 physical copies locally. It's the perfect sport for a game that's only available for just over a year.

As noted in the tweet below by the Christopher Dring Game Industry Game publisher, Odyssey is the second Nintendo Change game in this location to sell more than half a million copies physically. The only one that's before Mario Kart 8 luxury.

This is quite impressive when considering games that are released well before Odyssey as Splatoon 2 and the launch of a system launch The Legend of Zelda: Wildlife they have not moved this amount in the store.

Odyssey is what Nintendo defines as one of evergreen titles, titles that consist of sales consistency and are often sold alongside new systems. Earlier in April of this year, it was revealed that Odyssey had sold more than 10 million units worldwide. We also know that it has been right at the top of the global Switch sales charts during the recent period. At the time, this figure covered more than half the bask user.

Have you impressed the latest milestone of Odyssey? Do you have this game in your own Switch collection? Tell us below.

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