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Storm storm warning: NASA says geomagnetic particles will reach Earth on November 18th


NASA confirmed that the Earth will experience a "geomagnetic storm" – a blast of particles from the atmosphere of the Sun that disrupts our planet's magnetic field.

This is the result of a huge hole that has opened in the sun's crown, with theories installed to cover the numbers of North America and the UK.

Power networks could be brought to storm knees by Sunday.

"As the Earth comes out one stream of solar winds, there is another stream on the road.

"Gaseous material flows from a relatively small hole in the sun's atmosphere. Polar geomagnetic activity and Arctic corrosion are possible this weekend," researchers came to an end.

storm of the sun

DANGER: A blast of particles from the atmosphere of the Sun goes towards the Earth (Pic: NASA)

It is widely believed that solar storms are one of the "greatest threats" to humanity.

They can cause huge problems for power supplies – triggering dead holes that could be fatal.

They disappear by provoking a fake alarm in power system appliances – basically, pulling off the switch off.

They can also create a drag on satellites and airplanes in a low orbit on Earth, overcoming steering systems and placing on course corrections.

The massive sun storming of the Earth stormed in 1859 – and today's same size would permeate our modern society as it is so dependent on technology.

storm of the sun

FOUNDATION STORM: Today's weather warning was given as radiation hit the Earth (Pic: Getty)

Concerned space experts have warned that the public have no idea of ​​the danger they are in.

Brian Gaensler, arthropysist at the University of Toronto, gave a constant warning of the solar flames of the carnage.

"The concern here is that if the radiation of a solar flare strikes the ground, it can beat satellites, disrupt mobile phones, and other forms of communication," he said.

The effects of the sun storm may last months – or even years – as authorities would need to repair all damaged infrastructure.

Lloyd's special London insurance company estimates that the repair bill could cost up to £ 1.8 trillion.

sun storm storm

WORK: The storm could cause global power stations (Pic: Getty)

double power

PURCHASE AUDIT: The most extreme deposit would affect 66% of the US population (Pic: Getty)

Experts have warned that it is only a matter of time before we suffer from another direct hit.

Pete Riley, a senior scientist in the Predicted Science in San Diego, California, predicted that there is a chance of 12% that the Earth will be hit by storm by 2020.

He said: "Even if there is a factor of two, that is a lot more than I thought.

"Initially, I was surprised that I felt that the disputes were so high, but the statistics seem to be right.

northern lights

SPECTACLE: High sun activity causes aurora beams to shoot across the Earth's atmosphere (Pic: Getty)

"It can beat satellites, disrupt mobile phones, and other types of communication"


"There's a sober figure."

In 2015, the British Government published a report on the risks to the UK of severe space weather.

He said that an event such as a corusive mass assault could disturb the world.

A selection of plotting theorists have begun to claim that the increase in catastrophic natural events such as solar storms could be a sign of warming up to date.

These conspiracy theories argue that these solar events really fulfill biblical prophecies.

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