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SpaceX crew capsule returns to Earth, is preparing the way for human launch – Spaceflight Now


SpaceK's Dragon Crew space returned to Earth on Friday with targeted litter in the Atlantic Valley. Credit: NASA TV / Spaceflight Now

Craig y Ddraig SpaceX shut off a six-day flight test in Gwlad y Ddaear on Friday, with a sklashdown targeted in the Atlantic Ocean, and officers had the performance of the ship before it first flew a telegraph later this year.

After being rejected by four orange and white parachute, the gumdrop shaped spacecraft shaken down in eastern Atlantic from Florida at 8:45 am EST (1345 GMT), and SpaceX and NASA teams are located nearby, looking towards to the capsule, pulled a parachute that fell on the craft after landing the sea, and the Dragon Crew reads its recovery.

About one hour after litter, the spacecraft crews raised the SpaceX Go Searcher "recovery" ship, where the Dragon Crew is expected to be moved into a hangar for the return to the Florida coast .

The splashdown textbook on Friday punctuated an impressive mission, a predecessor of NASA's plans to resume launching astronaut in a US spacecraft to the International Space Station later this year. As the last space shuttle has landed in 2011, NASA astronauts have rode to space and back on the Russian ferry board Soyuz.

"I can not believe how well all the mission has gone," said Benji Reed, a commercial crew mission management director at SpaceX. "Quite, I believe, everywhere, everything has been transported all the way, especially this last piece we were all very excited to see. we went through re-access, and parachute, the use of surgeries, main use, splashdown, everything happened perfectly, at the time, the way we were expecting. "

Officials from NASA, who have paid SpaceX exceeded $ 3 billion since 2010 to develop a Dragon Crew spacecraft, have agreed with the preliminary assessment of Reed.

"I do not think we've seen anything about the mission (Dragon Crew test flight) so far – and we have to do the data reviews – that would stop us getting the crew mission later this year, "said Steve Stich, deputy manager of NASA's commercial crew program.

The six-day test flight – known as Demo-1, or DM-1 – is a crucial precursor before re-flying an orbital test – Demo-2, or DM-2 – disappears with NASA Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley's astronaut on the ship Dragon Crew space next later this year.

The Dragon Crew capsule was launched for the Demo-1 March 2 across the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket rocket by NASA Kennedy Space Space Center in Florida, and the March 3 space station reached a successful automated docking, the first automated connection with spacecraft spacecraft the United States.

There was no astronauts on the board, but the Dragon Crew carried a mock-proof instrument of the name "Ripley," as the composer's goal of the "Alien" movie franchise. Ripley rushed into one of the four seats of the Dragon Crew, and sensors will be measured on top of the head, neck and spine on the police forces and other conditions that will be tested by astronauts on the ship.

He also launched a yellow earth toy inside the Crew Dragon and the space crew won the "Little Earth" inside the orbiting science lab after the SpaceX capsule leave on Friday Behnken and Hurley will bring "Little Earth" back home on their test flight.

The Dragon Crew briefed almost 450 pounds (204km) of space station equipment – a crew mainly supplying – and a space of 323 pounds (148 kilograms) of hardware and scientific specimens was designed to the pressed cabin of the Capsule for the trip back to Earth.

The Canadian airplane engineer, David Saint-Jacques, and NASA's astronomers, Anne McClain, have closed dishes that lead to Crew's Daycraft space, establishing for shipping ships in front of the Harmony yard motor port station at 2:31 am EST (0731 GMT) on Friday. The craft led its Draco scramblers away from the space station, then managed to make a number of extra leakage burns to fly a safe distance from the complex when preparing for landing.

The capsule set its back trunk roads at 7:48 am EST (1248 GMT), leaving the power module behind it in an orbit as the crew returned to trades ignore its Draco trailers again at 7:52 am EST ( 1252 GMT) for 15 minutes, 25 seconds brake burn. The incineration of burning burns slowed the capsule's speed enough to discharge its orbit to the atmosphere, allowing friction of air particles to bring the Crew Dragon back to Earth.

Dragon Crew spacecraft is back from the International Space Station after the fire on Friday. Credit: SpaceX

After the closure of a defensive nose cone over its port and cover, the capsule faced the first remains of the atmosphere at 8:33 am EST (1333 GMT) as it flew on a track of south-east Wales over the United States, and the temperatures of the outside the Dragon Crew has built to thousands of degrees.

NASA WB-57's airplane flying over the Atlantic holds a live infrared video of Drag Crew spacecraft that emerges from the plasma dust re-entry, then the A spacecraft uses a pair of stroke stabilization pararasis, and then four orange and white main fractures were cut.

SpaceX and NASA engineers watched the parachute work closely. Dragon's elderly passenger carriage falls under three squares, while four, and parachute anomalies during the tests – after the return of the Draig supply ship – have given more scrutiny of the system by engineers and security managers.

The cues usually seem to be working on Friday and showed a live video of the splashdown gap of the capsule – its heat shield has to come from the second wavelength – falling from Dan bore before sweeping more than 250 miles (400 kilometers) to the northeast of Cape Canaveral, east of the Florida / Georgia border.

SpaceX's Dragon Cream space ticket falls under its four main parachute on Friday. Credit: NASA / Cory Huston

"All these tests of tests that we have been doing on parachute, all the analysis and the work that we have made to understand the aerodynamics of re-entry and coming home , everything was just great, "said Reed after the splashdown.

Stich, former space shuttle flight director, sounded back on Demo-1 Dragon Crew: "It was lucky".

"He was practicing a great costume for Demo-2 (crew test crew)," said Stich. "We learned an incredible amount in the launch schedule before, on how to load the vehicle, and think about how we will put the crews in the vehicle. The collapse profile for this trip, we practiced The exact profile that (astronaut) will fly very soon. We had the abortion system, the Dragon crew escape system, which was enabled for this trip, and we were able to see how that worked , and we will get the data back and look at those triggers and how it will perform.

"On orbit, we had a great deal of data on the vehicle in terms of thermal performance, power performance," said Stich. "The vehicle was actually better than expected, and then the rendezvous was great as we came in (a) looking at those sensors.The space station link was working, the order link … And then getting a precise grasp and seeing how the tipping system was performing, that was great. "

The trip went back from the space station as well as that, Stich said.

"Today, the disgusting, watching how those systems are performing, went smoothly," he said. "There is a very slow sequence between discharge and sewage burning, how the nose cones are performing, how the gap was stolen, and then the record was incredible."

The NASA and SpaceX engineers have weeks of data reviews to analyze the results of the Dragon Crew test journey in more detail.

"This mission was only six days," said Stich. "It was a spring of the start to the end."

SpaceX will renew the Dragon Crew capsule that returned to Earth on Friday for a flight abortion test scheduled in June. The erthylation trials test will check the eight Drag Crew SuperDraco conversations capable of pushing the capsule away from a flying explosion starter, using Falcon 9 reinforcement to adapt to supersonic velocity in the pre-stimulating stratosphere & Movement to escape.

Meanwhile, employees at SpaceX headquarters in Hawthorne, California, continue to assemble Dragon Crew spacecraft for the test aircraft with astronaut.

DragonX's first space ticket, which is flying to flight with a Demo-2 missile, is convened and tested at the company headquarters in Hawthorne, California. This image of the capsule was taken in August 2018. Credit: Stephen Clark / Spaceflight Now

Assuming that the data reviews, the abortion test at height, and unresolved technical issues were being completed over the coming months, Behnken and Hurley could join the next Dragon Crew spacecraft as early as July, according to the schedule latest officially announced by NASA.

In their comments this week during the Dragon Crew test flight, NASA and SpaceX officials were not committed to the July timetable for the show launch with them. But chief managers, including NASA's Jim Bridenstine Administrator, said they were confident that commercial capsules developed by SpaceX or Boeing would be ready for human space lighting before the end of this year.

"One of the things that we are extremely excited about this DM-1 mission is, for the first time, we've been able to see an end to end test," said Mike Hopkins, astronaut given to Crew Third of the Dragon space mission, the second with the on-board radio. "So we have now brought together the people, the hardware and all the processes and procedures, and we came to see how they all work with each other, and it's That's very important as we move towards putting people on the vehicle. "

"We are very interested in seeing the data," said Hopkins on Friday. "I suspect that there will be some lessons learned, some improvements, some changes that we will have to do from this. That's all part of the testing process."

NASA says SpaceX still has to complete further tests of Dragon Crew parachutes before the astronauts go on the spacecraft. Engineers may need to install heaters in propellant lines that lead to Draco's capsule tractors to tackle anxiety that cold fuel could cause shock and damage to control jets.

SpaceX kept the hydrazin and nitrogen dioxide propinants warm on the unplanned test flight, paying attention to specific parts of the spacecraft towards the sun. NASA wants to have a more permanent solution before the astronauts have the green light to fly.

Engineers are also still studying the safety of carbon overlap weight inside the Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon Crew spacecraft, officials said before launching last week.

The ships on the Falcon 9 rocket include a helium to press the propeller's tanker tanks. SpaceX started flying a helium fund to redesign last year with repairs to avoid a problem that led to friction in the fibers outside one of the ships, causing a trigger inside an oxygen tank that destroyed a rocket Falcon 9 and satellite commercial during test before launching in 2016.

"We are very interested in seeing the data," said Hopkins on Friday. "I suspect that there will be some lessons learned, some improvements, some changes that we will have to do from this. That's all part of the testing process."

Dragon Crew space area on Go Searcher restoration board after Friday. Credit: NASA / Cory Huston

The StarSter CST-100 Boeing crew capsule, which is also funded mainly through a NASA multibody-dollar contract, is being programmed to erase on the United Lanunch Alliance 5 rocket later this year for a non-paper proof fly to & # 39; the space station, similar to the mission that ended by SpaceX.

NASA's latest release schedule indicates that the first Starliner test flight could be launched as early as April. However, this is expected to be delayed this summer, as soon as Boeing engineers agree with their own technical issues.

Once Dragon and Starliner Crew shipbuilders complete their test trips, NASA intends to use capsules to transport spacestrip astronauts in six month increases, depending on the agency's sole dependence on ships Russian space Soyuz.

Bridenstine, NASA's administrator, praises government leaders for keeping the agency committed to trading the operations of human space spaces in the Earth's low orbit, an initiative started under the administration of George W. Bush for cargo services, and then the President expanded Barack Obama in 2010 for crews.

"This is truly an American achievement that covers a number of NASA's generation, and in fact, over a decade of work by the NASA team," said Bridenstine.

Some in the Congress pushed back against NASA's attempts to turn over the crew of the commercial sector, choosing to keep government control and break the program budget below what the agency said it needed. The deficit, along with engineering redesign and development issues, led to the first commercial crew test flight from 2015 up to this year.

The delay has forced NASA to continue to buy the Soyuz seats of the Russian government for years longer than the officials hoped. NASA is considering an option to buy two more Soyuz seats, covering launching and landing through September 2020, for hedgerows against further delays in the SpaceX and Boeing crew programs.

"We're probably proud of one next administration, and changing visions and changing budgets," said Bridenstine on Friday. "How do we keep consistency? Well, this is a perfect example of a program. When we talk about these things NASA does, it takes, in many cases, decades to achieve & This kind of ability, and the state of purpose for all these years is important.

"Now NASA can be a customer," said Bridenstine. "We can be a customer of many customers for human space websites in what we believe will be a very solid commercial market for space operations, and we will have many providers who are going to compete at cost and innovation. "

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