Thursday , February 25 2021

Rodgers defends the players' after-game celebrations

Brendan Rodgers claims to be unfair of her fault Celtic players for the acts of opposition supporters.

The Celtic manager defended the right of his players to recognize their own supporters after the publication of a police memo and claimed that they had provoked an angry response Keepers fans following their 1-0 home win in September.

Anonymous superintendent informed that "there was a clear link between the actions of the Celtic players (which immediately slipped a very prepared situation) and a subsequent response from the Rangers' supporters."

Another police report, published following a Freedom of Information request, claimed: "Celtic players made a line of the field before closing in front of Rangers 'fans and celebrating the triggers of the Rangers' supporters. Public order officials stopped disorder and enter the field. "

The police say they would be contacting clubs for "celebrations after the game on the field".

However, Rodgers insisted that there was nothing unexpected or unusual about the players walking around the field to welcome their supporters.

"I think it's a bit unfair on Celtic support," he said when the comments were made. "I do not know what was said.

"When I first started Celtic, from the first game and the week leading to my first game, I told the players what would be crucial to the connection between the players and & Supporters. That synergy, that connection is crucial if we are to succeed.

"And I made sure that after every game, we won, lost or pulled, we always recognize the fans. Because they travel far and wide, up and down Scotland, across from Ireland, from all over the world. And something that the players and myself have always done, recognizes that.

"So, if we have won, we have lost, one of the pieces we have taken, be it against Rangers, whether against Inverness or Ross County or Livingston or Hamilton, we always do So it's not such a lap of honors in that last game.

"But I am also of the opinion that it is unfair to put the responsibility of fans away to Celtic players.

"We show our appreciation and respect for the incredible support we get. Our goal is never to confront or stimulate any support, and especially in a Celtic Ranger game, as I am as much as anyone, understand the nature interesting of it.

"But we will always respect our own supporters and we want to acknowledge the incredible support that we get, and I repeat, whether we win, lose or draw, which will always truly."

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