Friday , March 5 2021

Rockstar warns Red Dead players online Beta increases may not be permanent •

Rockstar has warned Dead Red online players that the progress made during its new beta was launched could be permanent.

The Red Dead Online beta started earlier today, using the first wave of players in what is supposed to be launched during a week. According to Rockstar, it is intended to introduce the beta slowly to "[ease] our servers and systems to handle the increasingly growing play base ".

Unlike many of the so-called "betas" these days, which mainly exist as marketing tools rather than for any meaningful tests, Rockstar will say that Red Dead Redemption continues in beta before as long as you need – "which can take several weeks or months" – to create a "full, fun and full functional experience".

"We are aiming to provide a stable and fun experience in gathering as much information and feedback as vital as possible to continuously help Red Red Online improve," he explained in his long-term early access news post.

To that end, Rockstar reminds players that there may be some circumstances in which progress could be lost. "We hope that all players move forward during the early stages of this beta can last long term," the developer wrote, "however, as with many betas for large-scale online experiences In this way, it is always an opportunity for us that they may need to act as statistical rehabilitation or other statistics in case of issues. "

In other words, it's better not to be too associated with the increase of your character, despite the fact that beta testing can last for some time.

It's not surprising, certainly, but in this age where the words are "strained test", & # 39; a demo & # 39; are mostly used volatile, it's sure that it will be wise to remind players what they get. Still, it is unlikely that anyone will complain too loud for a company that makes things old-fashioned when we all now see the ugly thieves , tired of pity and fear that that will happen when you do not.

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