Thursday , January 28 2021

Plastic bag on front wing inhibits Bottas in Bahrain GP

Bottas inherited the second place to complete a one-two Mercedes shock in Bahrain, where Ferrari had dominated before his blasting race with a spin for Sebastian Vettel and an engine cylinder problem for Charles Leclerc.

However, Bottas admitted that he was struggling to accelerate after slipping back from a fabulous first lap and launched him from the fourth to the second, as he left Lewis Hamilton back to the Leclerc team. a Mercedes.

“I think the wind hit me a bit, I brake a little too late to Turn 1, trying to keep my situation, and I lost two places,” said Bottas.

“Eventually Ferrari was very strong again. During the times with the wind, I made mistakes, as did some other drivers too.

“It was very difficult to keep the rhythm.

“I managed to save the engine at some point when there was no threat from behind a big gap.

“I also had a plastic bag on my front wing at a time, which cost a performance, so not the perfect race.” T

Bottas has started the season with a win and a second, and said that his “definite” would take his lucky podium in Bahrain after his misfortune in 2018.

He also drew attention to the value of the fastest lap he scored on his way to winning the Australian Grand Prix season opener, which is the difference between him and Hamilton at the top of the championship at the moment.

“They are points that will count at the end of the championship,” he said.

“Obviously, now, at the moment, it's not of great importance but what is important at the end of the championship and we've seen a lot of finals finished with very tiny edges.

“[In Bahrain] it was quite hard to reach with Ferrari's strong speed, they were getting it, but although this opportunity was going to be important.

“Anyway, although he felt a very difficult race, I'm happy to have this amount of points, because in the end, consistency will be the key.” T

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