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Pep Guardiola on fans of Man City derby ref Anthony Taylor supports Man Utd


Pep Guardiola does not share Manchester City fans' fears for the derby referee Anthony Taylor.

Taylor will be controversially responsible for the 177th Sunday morning of Manchester clubs, although he was born in nearby Wythenshawe.

The 40-year-old sprayer has declared himself a season ticket holder at Altrincham National League club with the PGMOL group responsible for appointing equivalent officers.

But many of the supporters of the City have taken the social media to claim that Taylor is a united secretary who does not want to control himself from acting in the League's biggest games.

Guardiola, the Blues manager, has had high profile problems with Taylor in the past, but said: "Mr Taylor is of Manchester, but do people know the team that he supports Altrincham. So no problem .

"He will try to do the best work, as we are trying as managers and football players. Mr Taylor will try to make a good game.

Taylor's local boy eliminates Fabian Delph at the loss of the FA Cup Cup to Wigan last season

"The important thing is to focus on our game and know which opponent we will face. That's all.

I hope that the officers can make good decisions for both sides and have a good game. All of England and all of Europe are going to watch us. That's the most important pleasure.

"The referee does not want to make a mistake. He knows that everyone from all over the world is going to watch and does not want to make a mistake, that is & I'm pretty sure. But, if he is a fan of United or City, everyone can be a fan whoever wants it, so no problem. "

Jose Mourinho was fined £ 50,000 from the FA to ask Taylor's question to modify the United Union to Liverpool visit in October 2016 when he suggested that the whistleblower would be too heavy in Anfield because of his roots in Manchester.

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Taylor, associated with Cheshire FA, became a Premier League referee in 2010 and became officially listed by FIFA three years later.

He has not acted in the Etihad since December 2016, when both Sergio Aguero and Fernandinho refused against a 3-1 roll to Chelsea, he had not pledged David Luiz earlier for preventing Aguero when the assault was breaking clear at the goal.

Last season, Taylor angered Guardiola again when Fabian Delph showed a straight red card in the FA Cup shock in the city at Wigan.

Dinas has failed to win almost 40% of the 12 Premier League games they have played with Taylor in charge. He has recruited United United 20 times, with the Reds racing a 70% win percentage.

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