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OnePlus pays Robert Downey Jr. to hold his phone


Remove box office break records with them Avengers: Endgame, Robert Downey Jr has returned to his hobby of approval of smartphones, this time agreeing an agreement with OnePlus. The Chinese company says The Verge he intended to use the view of the famous actor across Asia, with the home country and India at the center. Downey Jr has shown his enthusiasm with a picture on his Weibo page, featuring sky-blue McLaren, the OnePlus Pro 7, and a combo suits and amplifiers.

OnePlus has always touched its commitment to get the best users possible on the users and the fans at the lowest possible price. That's why the company claims that it's not wasting money on getting its IP's certification for its water resistance. And yet, with each successive generation of OnePlus phones growing more expensive, and now recruiting one of Hollywood's most expensive names to install its devices only, OnePlus can't maintain that facade of 100-percent commitment anymore to give maximum value. for consumers about their money.

Six years ago, HTC paid $ 12 million to Robert Downey Jr for a two-year global marketing campaign. Although OnePlus's current agreement with the actor was limited to the region of Asia, it is sure that it has grown proportionately more expensive after leading a very successful series t Avengers movies (his face is also the biggest on the Endgame theatrical poster). The Marvel superhero franchise has been extremely popular in China, and its tent star to support any local brand can be considered a major marketing sport. Then, again, Downey Jr. did nothing to help HTC fortune, so OnePlus will have to ensure that it maintains the high quality it has to install with OnePlus 7 Pro.

Photo: Robert Downey Jr. (Weibo)

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