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Note 2 Destiny Note (Update 2.1.0): What's New Before Black Armory

The launch of the next piece of DLC 2, The Black Armory, is still a week away, but in the meantime we have had a great update – patch 2.1.0 – to start Season 5, which is the Forge Season. It presents a wide variety of new items as well as a number of changes and thweaks set out in the full patch notes.

When you initially log in with the installed update to install, you probably want to go to Tess in Eververse first. Here you can see the new Bright Engram of the season, the Engram Etched, and its contents. This includes some incredible cosmetics and other Exotics items; there are firearms, new Ecotic tool accessories, and much more to collect. You can see a handful of these below.

In the case of the patch notes, a variety of tools have been tweaked. Prometheus Lens is seriously damaged, while Memento Mori perk & # 39; Ace of Spades "has been reduced to five bullets, but it can be refurbished after reloading without having to remove all bonus damage bullets." Machine guns have a precision accuracy boost, while submachine guns get a bit of increasing range.

Crucible sees Mayhem return as a 6v6 playlist, and both Lockdown and Showdown are back in a rotated playlist. Shaxx has new voting lines that you will face across a variety of methods. Shaxx also has new items for direct purchase, as well as new seasonal items and a pinnacle tool quest. Progression-Wisdom, Valor and Glory now work as the Gambit ranks, as they all have shared three sub-series. Legend, however, has not shared divisions, and you do not have to win on the Legend site to increase your Value.

Gambit sees changes ahead, as "Valor and Glory" should match better " Installing a sub-division will give you a guaranteed net of Legendary Gambit tools. Gambit's bounties reward twice as much as Infamy points as before, and they should be easier to complete. The catch-up engineer has also adapted so that the team has a better chance of holding that leader.

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The full patio notes can be found below or on the Bungie website. The developer has also revealed new Exotics coming with the DLC Black Armory, together with maps of the content of Destiny 2 content.



  • Chaos Arrives
    • Set up a problem where multiple Chaos Reach beams are active at the same time causing their visual effects to merge with each other
    • Establish an issue to allow Chaos Reach beams to penetrate friendly Banner Shields
    • He resolved an issue that Chaos Reach had not damaged Taken Blights
    • Note: Changes to Distribute Chaos Reach with Destination 2 Update 2.1.1, scheduled for 12/4/2018
  • Nova Warp
    • Establish an issue where New Warp would sometimes fail to disappear after release.
  • Sentinel
    • He resolved an issue that Sentinel Shields and Banner Shields would lose energy in protecting from friendly restraints (especially Thundercrash)
  • Blades Sbectrol
    • Make sure the Spectral Blades are built to increase the reliability of melee attacks in PvP and to increase the effectiveness of super stunning capabilities
  • Llosgi Maul
    • A shadow camera and flash screen was hit by hitting in an attempt to mitigate feelings of movement illness when using Burning Maul Super
  • Thundercrash
    • Steps adapted during the flight sequence in an attempt to mitigate feelings of motion illness when using Thundercrash Super

Exotic armor

  • He resolved an issue that Ophidian Aspect did not increase the range of drugs on different types raised by Warlock (Removal, Lightning Ball, Removal of Entropic, Devour, and Atomic Breach)
  • He resolved a problem where buses given by Lunafaction Boots would last for only 15 seconds at the Well of Radiance rather than a whole.
  • Set up an issue on Ursa Furiosa so that Super gains more protection between PvE and PvP


  • Warden Law
    • New assault on Warden Law that did not work properly with archetype & tool
      • Replace Triple Tap with Feed Frenzy
      • The Fourth Time, the Charm replaced with Zen Moment
    • Warden & # s Law has now bullet cuts
    • The comprehensive text on Warden Law has been updated to distinguish from the Aggressive Assault Edges
  • High Impact Scout Rifles
    • The Impact of High Impact Scouts Rifle increased by 1.87%
      • Dev Commentary: Previously, at very high levels of strength, it was possible to survive three highlights of a high impact scout rifle. This change will ensure that players at any level of resilience will be defeated by three phenomena.
    • Note: It is proposed to install a repair that will return High Scouting to 150 RPMs for Destiny 2 Update 2.1.1, scheduled for 12/4/2018
  • Spray
    • The Quick Fire Frame on Scroll now increases the reload of all litter shells when they are empty instead of just the first shell
    • Trench Barrel
      • The Trench Barrel is now unemployed after three pictures
      • The Trench Barrel description was updated to reflect new behavior and also place a place where it needed more accuracy instead of increasing the speed of reloading
  • Submachine foam
    • Increasing range of Submachine Bones
  • Gun Machines
    • Increase a bit of accuracy on Machine Guns

Exotic Weapons

  • Prometheus Lens
    • Prometheus Leak damage increased by 10%
  • Light light
    • He resolved a problem where Hard Light could overlap an enemy Flag Target "
  • Ace of Spades
    • Memento Mori has dropped to five bullets, but it can be refurbished after reloading without having to remove all bonus damage bullets


  • Fixed mantle animation for the Queenbreaker
  • He resolved a problem where some effects of particles appeared in a first person scene when using One Thousand Voices
  • Establish an issue where Bows would sometimes become invisible when they had it
  • The Blade Barrage animation boosted when the player is running a bow
  • Let you know about a map on the Borealis Refer-a-Friend decoration
  • Determined a problem that would delay breathing arrow when the player raised ammo while the bow was kept and out of ammo
  • He resolved a problem where the head teacher's deputy would not act after being implemented several times without death
  • Set up an issue where the Ikelos Hand Cannon and Shotgun show icons for Malfeasance and Chaperone in the memorial
  • Strafing Streaming Launcher Animations to delete up and down campaigning
  • Glossy Grenade Shoes Animations jumping to prevent stocks from blocking the first camera
  • Rifle Rifle Polished Sniper and Gun Machine jumping to prevent stocks from blocking the first person's camera
  • Establish an animation issue that would happen when turning off and walking with Machine Gun
  • Polished Tractor Cannon sprint animation to feel more natural
  • He resolved a problem where Fleddts were falling with Modules intended for Rocket Players, and Rocket Launchers had dropped with Ment intended for Swords
  • Hit Hit now shows a status effect effect on a function
    • Matter known: the precise kill of Sniper Rifle will extend the double perc; this will be rotated later
  • Automatic Oathkeeper's update to delete text for Bow charge speed
  • Update Displacement Blade Description has been updated to match real behavior where ammo is returned on all kills Other sword
  • Establish an issue where the Momentum Transfer tip was not operating properly



  • Mayhem returns as a 6v6 rotation player with scoring support for new Forsaken Supers
  • Lockdown and Showdown will return as rotary playlists and added to Private Games
  • Scorched and Team Scorched have been added to Private Games
  • New lines of Shaxx, spread between Rumble, Lockdown, Showdown, and a few special medals
  • Single round modules (Clash, Control, etc.) now end with a "Match Complete" calculation similar to those shown in a complete round of round media
  • New Crucible Medals and related Triumphs for Forsaken Supers, Archety Guns Guns, and Lockdown game mode
  • Two new gold-tied hairs have been added!
  • Establish an issue where the "Cycle" medal was not properly tracked
  • Iron Banner now awards unique Banner Iron History medals with unique sound collections
  • Iron Banner uses unique unique Match banners


  • Valor and Glory have now shared three sub-series similar to Gambit
  • Value and Glory has NOT shared the Legend site
  • Value is NOT for players to win at Legend


  • Shaxx has a new rotation of items that are available for immediate purchase.
    • Players must earn Value to collect these items
  • A new set of Seasonal Items has added to the Shaxx list
    • Previous seasons & unique items have been removed
  • A new pinnacle weapon has added to the Shaxx list
    • In order to enable players to make progress on any character, each step shows broad-account objectives
    • This attempt requires that two types of objectives be completed: Reach a specific Site and complete a specific Triumph; Players can complete these objectives in any order
  • Previous pinnacle weapon quests continue to be available on Shaxx



  • Infamy listed prizes have been adapted to match Value and Glory better. Rental divisions now award Legendary Gambit equipment

Bounties and Quests

  • Point Rank Infamy awards from all Gambit bounties have been doubled
  • Many founties have met their goals to take less time and easier to complete
  • He added new daily earnings for killing Primeval's nominations, and thrown in the daily rotation
  • He resolved a problem where the Malfeasance attempt could be moved in Crucible methods

NOTE: Once S5 starts and Infamy is being restored, you must play one Gambit game before re-starting any money. Turners in these bounties after the Forge season will start, but before playing the Gambit game, they will not get points correctly to their Infamy site.Primeval Mecaneg

  • Up-to-date mechanisms have been adapted to ensure that the leading team retains more advantage
  • The bumper team will now receive a maximum of only one bonus stack of the Primeval Slayer (before that, they have up to three stages depending on how far behind the bumper team)
  • The time was increased before the stac bonus started to 32 seconds, up from 22 seconds
  • The first rates will be less frequent, to reduce the stunlock against very coherent teams


  • Dealing with further error codes that may occur during the commissioning process, resulting in potential bleeding penalties



  • Wish Wish races bullets are now available to anyone who has access to the Last Wish raid.
    • Clan Rank 4 is not required
  • There is a new season of progression, with new problems that follow

Items and Economy


  • He resolved a problem where the "Protective" invoice could not provide Glimmer showers from defeated enemies
  • He decided an issue where Public Defender Ghost perk did not apply to public events on Mars, the Tangled Shore, or the Dreaming City
  • He resolved a problem where Nightfall's unique awards did not fall at the rate intended for non-temporary owners
  • He resolved a problem where the erection of Main Engrams would not allow players to win more than the Main Attraction package, allowing them to put in a shorter Main Engrams for a period equivalent to the number of additional Prime Engrams received


  • He resolved a problem where the title "Triumph" Steadfast was "Meet Sloane on the Moon Titan" (you have to continue to meet Sloane on the Moon Titan)


  • Horseflake lost extra Year 2 to Collections (which can not be purchased due to random rolls)
  • He resolved a problem where the BWTR RWP Mk. Scout Rifle II did not count towards some player's Collections
  • The unlocked Season 4 gear has now hidden



  • New "Take Screenshot" key key (predicting the "Print Screen" key)

Text Talk

  • Additional new friend management orders
  • Additional new fire control orders

Note: The fire orders can target any player by providing the player's full BattleTag, allowing players to assemble a firefire without sending bids for a friend.



  • Instrument adapted to solve a problem where estimates or other information on the Character Screen has been cut
  • Establish an issue where the banner for Crucible and Gambit was not properly displayed on decisions 21: 9
  • Set up a problem where players can not return to orbit while the Output Screen was at the end of an activity


  • Chinese Traditional
    • Set up an issue where some parts of the Traditional Chinese UI did not really load in the game



  • Better activity and resort load work on consoles
    • Note: We are searching for a workload for downloading the player's list, changing between the UI tabs to start the game, signing, and choosing characters. See this week at Bungie – 11/08/2018 for more details.


  • Set up an issue where brightness did not fit properly for players


  • Set a problem with the loss of TransX FX on Amanda's exchange
  • Set up a problem with inaccurate source connections on multiple items Dawning and Days Crimson
  • Determined a problem that caused no swimmer available for bulk swapping in Rahool
  • Set up an issue where some UI elements would not be loads properly if you interact with a vendor and launch into a character list
  • Establish a place issue and the Dear Award caused the effects of visual effects in third person
  • He decided an issue where the IGR version of the "High and Mighty" bounty did not account for the escape being killed
  • He resolved an issue where there was a need to complete too many completion points and the IGR version of "I'm sorry, I'm Losing".
  • He resolved a problem where the IGR version of the "Through the Crucible" was not too few points to complete
  • Set up a problem that caused a large number of Baboon errors in the Tower

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