Tuesday , May 24 2022

Ninja throws a lazy shot at Fortnite pro Myth: "He fell off" Dexerto.com


Ninja and Myth have shared troubled friendships since they both became known for their Fortnite talents in late 2017, with debates about Ninja who did not want to play with Myth giving her tendency to use profanity in her language.

However, both have continued to be good friends and can sometimes be seen and still play on their Twitch streams. Although it is not necessarily considered to be the best two players in the world, both still enjoy enough Fortnite and have statistics in a striking game.

Ninja / Twitch

Recently, Ninja was streamed in Lederhosen to point out that he was Austria.

They continued their incredible competition as Ninja, who lived from Poland on March 10, was a friendly shot in Myth, remembering when the TSM player came to death at the Vegas tournament, provoking that he had "dropped a lot".

Co-hosts asked Ninja for the Fortnite & Ninja Vegas & # 39; which took place in April 2018. He started by saying that he was surprised that the tournament was able to draw as many "incredible players" to the event, going on to joke that "Myth there, obviously … you know you, you know, ".

If you can not say, Ninja obviously smokes, which is shown in his response after the comments he's suggestive. "Shoutout to My Myth," she smiled, before offering an apology: "We're sorry for a man."

Myth's skill as a Fortnite player can not be suspected, but she may definitely say that the competition has now caught up with him, especially when it comes to construction, a mechanism that is thought to be a daytime innovation early Fortnite popularity.

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