Tuesday , May 24 2022

New 2019 Porsche 911: eighth sports car reveals


In the new Carrera S wheel drive and a 4S Carrera 4S driver, the resettlement power provides 30 minutes more than in front line, at 444bhp. Along with the revised two-way gearboxes, this results in a 0-62mya time which is 0.4sec faster for the new 911 launch models, at 3.7sec for the Carrera S and 3.6sec for the 4S Carrera.

These times are shortened by a further 0.2cc with the content of the optional Sport Chrono Pack. This brings launch control, revised gearbox software that allows faster stations and sports response function for additional performance. As a result, it provides the new 911 Carrera 4S with 0-62mya that is 0.6sec within the time of the old 911 Carrera 4 GTS, only 3.4sec.

Despite the claim of better aerodynamics, highest speed will not change a bit of the seventh generation that goes out, with the Carrera S installed on 191mph and the Carrera 4S heavier in 190mph Combined fuel use on the NEDC cycle has also been replaced by the old 911, at 31.7mg for the Carrera S and 31.4mg for the 4S Carrera.

Known under the 992 internal codename, the new 911 has been re-engineered extensively. It includes a new platform structure with more aluminum in its back section, enhancing weight distribution. It also receives a revised chassis, which drives a wheel wheel to Carrera and Carrera S models for the first time in a Porsche-based movement, providing added agility and better fast stability.

Critically, the new 911 continues with the evolutionary theme that has characterized all of its predecessors since its original introduction in 1963. The 2019 model, shown here in the picture Production for the first time, is the second to be completely designed under the guidance of the Porsche head teacher, Michael Mauer, who also oversees the design activities for the whole Volkswagen Group.

In general, the initial coupé model takes a more muscular look, with a tauter surface and an additional width to the back wings. In the departure of the tradition, Porsche has disappeared with the offer of two different body structures. Instead, it will provide the new 911 with one standard body with back wings described as slightly wider than those on the wider 911 body.

A new bumper, in front of, has a more prominent spray element along its leading edge as well as a thruke of more cooling ducts. These have been placed on the board and contain three horizontal lounge, each to have a better channel for the front radiators. Above the external cooling ducts, Porsche has installed new slimline LED drives that, as some of the old model, doubled as unit units.

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