Tuesday , March 2 2021

Nasa Mars landing: InSight lander crashes on the Red Planet

TThe British team, led by Professor Tom Pike in Imperial, said: "We should be listening to Marsquakes for at least two years, and we hope a lot longer.

"It's vital that we put the tool in the best place to make sure we are stable, and then continue with the cover to target our wind detectors."

The colleague, Dr Neil Bowles, of the Oxford University Department of Physics, said: "The SEIS-SP InSight seismometer is one of the most sensitive and challenging tools we have worked for illuminating in Oxford . "

Only about four out of 10 trips to the Red Planet have been successful – and they have all been US spacecraft.

The Schiaparelli European spacecraft was cut into the planet in 2016 after turning off its retro-rockets too early, scientists believe.

He was proving that the British land-based collection landing system was launched on the second phase of the ExoMars mission in 2020.

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