Monday , December 6 2021

NASA discovered where this strange rectangular iron ice came


These brains have the correct angles.

NASA / Jeremy Harbeck

A very cool internet star was born in October when NASA survey over Antarctica and A picture of an unusual iceberg in square. Although some people are fascinating about potential alien origin, NASA is now testing a very berg terrestrial journey.

Originally, scientists thought that the strange iceberg, which was taken by the Operation IceBridge team, has recently signed the Larsen ice shelf. That's one ice silff that gave us iceberg monster A-68 in 2017. But the real story is much longer.

Researchers hide the iceberg startup with the help of NASA's Landsat 8 images and Sentinel-1 European Space Agency satellites.

Originally, the ice vaccine was spread out of the ice shelf in November 2017. The north moved into a channel of water between the ice shelf and the A-68 berry.

The ice piece has circulated in this annotated Landsat 8 image from October 14.


"The rectangular berg did not make it unnecessarily long, it was smaller pieces," NASA Earth Observatory Reports. The berg appears to be more trapezoid than a pure rectangle in the Landsat satellite image 8 of October 14, only a day before it saw Operation IceBridge.

The incredible geometric iceberg has lightened bright, but short. NASA says that it is removed to open water where it melts away in the warmer environment.

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