Tuesday , August 9 2022

Mojo, the league dies after being attacked by leavers at Knowsley Safari Park | UK News


Lions have died after being fired by shared enclosures in Knowsley Safari Park, keepers said.

Mojo, seven, was severely injured in the fight overnight and was found on the 12 February morning by staff carrying out regular checks at the safari park near Liverpool.

He was given pain relief rapidly but died in recovering from an anesthetic, which was called "the most endearing result".

The animal died from internal injuries that were "visible on external audit", which had a post-mortem.

Park Quote quoted by Manchester Evening News said Mojo injuries "resulted in fighting with the girls in the uncommon pride in a mixed sex group and is part of natural, natural behavior .

"Our specialist veterinary team has been working quickly to give Mojo a pain relief and an anesthetic examination, but he died in recovering the back-mortem revealed due to injuries that were not visible on external audit."

He added: "The post-mortem revealed that this was the most brilliant result as it would not have to recover from other injuries that were not visually imminent without a post-mortem examination."

Mojo's death leaves his brother Sgwteri as the only remaining men in the pride of the Merseyside tourist attraction.

She has a strong position in the pride and it is unlikely that a similar event will happen.

Men's attacks can take pride in taking place regularly in the world.

Male lions need to be accepted for pride and because of this, conflicts are a normal part of the animal's social behavior.

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