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I have a Famous Mystery Competition: Katie Price and Megan Mckenna are stunned


As the celebrities start to arrive in Australia before the I and I Celebrity launch, they will turn attention to the mysterious competitor that has yet to be published.

So far producers have remained tight on the identity of the star but rumors have been worried about arriving late and said it was a huge name.

Journalist and photographer supervisors have been keeping a close eye on Brisbane Airport so it is expected that the star may be flying elsewhere or already hiding down Dan.

An internal show revealed to the Daily Star that a reality star was transported to fill the fan and the late.

The paper reports that the Only The Way star in Essex, Megan McKenna has been in last minute talks with ITV's heads hoping his incredible blows will stimulate scales.

Megan came into a bit of spell at Big Brother's Grandmother's House

"Bookers know that Megan will be great for the show. They really think it will boost watching figures.

"If it takes too long to have a signed agreement, it will be one of those who are late in the camp.

"Let's face it – it will be stunning in the jungle shower," they said.

Although Katie Price, a TV veteran, made it clear she would be ready to return to Oz.

Kerry and Katie are Celebrating in 2004
Kerry Katona and Katie Price came to good friends at Y A & A in 2004

Katie Price to Peter Andre
Katie also met Peter First's husband there

He said: "What dream came true that I would return to I 'm Famous," and then six hearts of red love.

Katie was a competitor on the third series of A & A, where he met and fell in love with the first husband Peter Andre in front of the cameras in 2004.

She returned dramatic to the show as arriving late in 2009 telling fans: "I'm more mature, I'll be wise and I'll be myself."

Could it be lucky for the Price third?

Lauren heard back a cocktail before her holiday

Lauren Goodger Towie also raised quizzes with a Grid Instagram post a few days before the new series of I & A Celeb.

Lauren told fans that she was going out abroad for thinking, body and soul were cleaning.

When standing with a large cocktail in hand, Lauren seems to make her best of her a luxury life before her sister.

Mirror Online has contacted representatives for comments.

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