Tuesday , January 26 2021

Glasgow's brilliants start a private disco in a kebab shop as a customer boogie for Michael Jackson

It does not have more "just in Glasgow" than this.

Those who pointed out the night to stop after the pub had therefore decided to trigger their own private disco at a start-up shop in the city center.

The clip shows a group of customers dancing at Theno on John Street after collecting terrestrial terrain.

Glasgow lecturers enjoy singing and dance … in a barbecue shop

Like Billie Jean & # 39; Michael Jackson flashes through the speakers, showers show their best dance moves and belt out the words – or at least those they know.

And as more customers enter the store, they are invited to join in the shops.

But not only do they enjoy the atmosphere in the unlikely situation.

Staff also went into the disco spirit, and can be seen singing and dancing behind the counter when serving.

Customers enjoyed boogie for Michael Jackson as they waited for their food

Since posting on Facebook, the clip has received more than 500 shares and almost 200 comments.

Many said that it was a perfect summary not only Weegies but Scots in general.

Lucy Mackinnon said: "The only way is the Scottish way."

And Rhona Maxwell married: "This would never happen in Perth."

Staff can be seen to join behind the counter

Tammy McNeil added: "This is great, Scotland knows how to enjoy themselves."

Anne MacDonald said: "It's great, if only every evening ended like that!"

Tom Hume wrote: "It should be law in football shops dancing for late lunch."

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