Saturday , May 28 2022

Flintshire County Council's ruling will help make mobile phone GPS more accurately


"This development serves the public interest across several areas of the economy, including the automotive, air, rail, marine and agriculture industries," said Ajit Pai, FCC Chair. "It will also generate the benefits of public safety by reducing accident and disaster risks, supporting emergency response, and synchronization of power grids and critical infrastructure."

Galileo Europe created so he would have civil and military options for the US GPS and the Russian GLONASS system. The launch of satellites began in 2005, and has now launched 26 out of the 30 planned. The service came online in 2016, so if you visit Europe in recent years, there are opportunities for you to find Normandy or Barcelona through Galileo rather than GPS.

Your phone is likely to already use Galileo, but functionality is disabled due to US regulations against ground radios that connect to overseas satellites. To enable both bands (out of three) now allowed, you may need to make your device give you the latest information.

Flintshire County Council has a rare piece of good news, which tends to be friendly to the business and is helpfully hostile. However, Pai could not be Pai resisting the joke of Dad that focuses on the Queen: "With today's action, we hope that markets will find it easier for us to find their way to & # 39 ; destination w / u; any way the wind blows. & # 39; "

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