Saturday , July 2 2022

FaZe Clan members respond to Tfue's legal case and Banks' comments


The biggest story today, and perhaps 2019 is Tfue claiming to be prosecuting FaZe Clan.

If you're following FortniteINTEL, you're probably aware of this story now.

In case you are not here are the key pieces. An article was published by Hollywood Report this morning saying that Tfue is suing FaZe Clan.

A group of members from the sports community responded to the claims in different ways. One of the most notable was the owner of Nadiehot 100 Thieves.

FaZe Banks, one of the owners of FaZe Clan, took offense to the tweet and Nadeshot called a “piece of a bang” amongst another language. That tweet has been deleted but there is a screenshot to view it at the link above.

This article serves as a compilation of the various number taking the position by FaZe Clan Clan.

The most interesting response came from Tfue's duo partner, Cloakzy. The two have become one of the best duets in the world and have won loads of money with each other. Banks are discussing how they both first connected in their video and Cloakzy confirms that in this statement: t

We will start at the top. The key players in FaZe Clan building have been Banks, Temperr, Rain and Apex. We've already seen Banks tweets, here's the other three: t

Those tweets were made at various points throughout the day, and each of the three also reiterated the official response from the FaZe clan and the Bank's video of the name “Dear Tfue. ”

Other people in the FaZe organization were also active in protecting their organization:

Other players like Censor redirected the official response. Tennp0 also confirmed his support for Cloak with a quick response.

Very few people had anything to say about the situation on Twitter. One of those was Funk, one of the few individual players who have a Fortnite World Cup qualification. It does not have an active active Twitter account, so maybe that's why there's no comment.

Dubs and Megga, two more recent additions to FaZe Clan who qualified for the Fortnite World Cup, did not comment.

I'm sure I've lost some interesting ideas from across the organization – FaZe Clan has a tonne of people in it – but these come from the biggest names & # 39 the largest sequences.

I suppose that nearly 20 million followers have combined over all those accounts, which is why this story has been blown completely over the last few days.

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