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Facebook says that employees use smart Android phones, not iPhones – Diversity


Facebook has a semi-official ban on employees using Apple iPhones – which is allegedly because of the death of Mark Zuckerberg at Apple CEO Tim Cook.

According to the New York Times damn report on Facebook medicines targeted critics and vehicle machines on dealing with multiple scandals, Zuckerberg ordered his management team to use only Android smartphones. According to the NYT, who responded to comments, Cook is screaming Facebook at an MSNBC interview earlier this year due to disclosures that Cambridge Analytica had inappropriate information on millions of Facebook users. Cook said "privacy is a human right" and added that Apple could "make a ton of money" if he chose to take advantage of customer data as Facebook does.

Facebook, as part of responding to the Times piece, acknowledged that he had a policy of promoting the use of Android phones over Apple iPhones.

"[W]we have encouraged our employees and operators to use Android as it is the most popular operating system in the world, "said Facebook in a Thursday statement.

Facebook also said, "Tim Cook has criticized our business model consistently and Mark has been just as clear that he disagrees."

As part of an anti-Apple spray campaign, according to Times's report, he employed a PR political party D.C. o & the name Definers Public Affairs. He announced a definitive news site of the NTK Network, Define-related, "dozens of articles" and Apple and Google criticized for unconscious business practices, "including one that slammed Cook for a rage over her stance on privacy, New York Times.

Facebook said he had brought a contract with Definers on Wednesday, November 14, after announcing the Times report, but the company did not offer a specific reason to terminate its connection with the company public relations. According to Facebook, the Times report inaccurate "we've never asked Defenders to pay for or write articles on behalf of Facebook – or to spread inaccurate information."

Pictured above: Google's Pixel 3 line of smart Android phones

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