Monday , January 17 2022

Facebook appeals its fine in the UK in the Cambridge Analytica scandal


LONDON (AP) – Facebook has appealed for its fine of 500,000 pounds ($ 644,000) for failing to protect the privacy of its users in the Cambridge Analytica scandal, arguing that U.K regulators did not experience direct effects on British consumers.

The British Information Commissioner Office organized the fine after completing Facebook processing user personal information unfairly by giving developers access to their information without informed consent.

The ICO stated that a subset of data was shared later with other organizations, including SCL Group, the parent analytical parent analyst of Cambridge Analytica, which counted the U.S. President's election campaign. Donald Donald Trump 2016 is among his clients.

The ICO did not confirm positively that users of U.K. shared their data for campaigning, but said that the information was harvested and "placed at risk of further misuse."

Although the fine was doubled by the huge technology revenues of the technology, the company appealed because of what it saw as an unacceptable precedent outlined by the decision.

"Their reasoning challenges some of the basic principles of how people should be allowed to share information online, with implications that go well beyond Facebook, which is why we have chosen to appeal , "said Anna Benckert, a Facebook lawyer in a statement. "For example, under ICO theory, people should not be allowed to send emails or messages without agreement from each person on the original yarns, these are things made by millions of people every day on services across the internet. "

The ICO was not immediately available for comments.

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