Tuesday , August 9 2022

Everything you need to know about the Apple credit card, TV Plus and news subscription launch


Ta new app will be a premium version of the current Apple News, offering more content that is usually locked behind pay walls. It is said that Apple intends to take a 50/50 revenue cut from the news app.

Apple Arcade gaming hub

Apple has also launched a third stream to its new services – a gaming subscription service for its app store. Google Rival has already launched its headquarters into gaming with its Google Stadia cloud gaming service.

Apple's gaming efforts are very different, focusing on bundle games for iPhones and iPads that can be accessed for a monthly fee.

The service, which will allow users to download games on any device, will be available in over 150 different countries in the autumn. Developers' partners include Konami, Disney and Lego.

Apple credit card

In addition to its three entertainment offers, Apple has also added to its Apple Pay service on iPhones and the Apple Watch with a virtual credit card launched with Goldman Sachs.

The card will sit in the Apple Wallet of Apple Pay and be used for non-contact payments or online purchases on iPhones, iPads and Macbooks. This will be Goldman's first consumer credit card, although the banking giant recently launched his Marcus payment app.

The new credit card, made of titanium, without card number, CVV code security and expiry date, will be available from the US from this summer.

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