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Dogs of the Self-Bounty Woman The Cancer of Beth Chapman has returned


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Beth ChapmanCancer has returned.

According to their family attorney, a 51-year-old woman Dogs of the Bounty Hunter following surgery on Tuesday to treat a "life threatening" mass in his throat. Then, Andrew Brettler say E! In a statement statement, doctors came to find something that no patient ever wanted to hear.

"I can confirm that she was in hospital today, had surgery to get rid of mass in her throat, who was determined to be cancerous. I understand that the situation is very serious. all worried about her and the welfare of her family, "she said.

In September 2017, the reality television star revealed that she had been diagnosed with stage II stage cancer following "months of excessive cough". He expressed shock over the unexpected diagnosis in an unfortunate letter to his fanbase.

"Because most of you know I've been experiencing tests and challenges that face a lifetime, I did not see it coming, and surely we did not expect it. I've had my share of blows unexpectedly during my almost fifty years almost but not as serious as the one I heard from my doctors a fortnight ago when they started to express those who were scarying three words, You have cancer, & # 39; "What is shared at the time.

The couple went on to the combat document What against cancer in specially-known A & E expertise Dog & Beth: Fighting their Lives, where a pathology report ultimately said she was free of cancer after a 13 hour surgery.

"We can not let this experience delete us separately," she shared with a family as cameras were rolled. "We need to bring us together. If this is the worst of it, then everything else can be better."

According to TMZ, Beth i Cedars-Sinai was admitted to Los Angeles after having difficulty breathing overnight.

Duane "Dog" Chapman and wife came to a reputation as they appeared on their Accident and Emergency show Dogs of the Bounty Hunter for eight terms. The series began to be syndical as the couple appeared briefly on CMT Dogs and What: On the Hunt.

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