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Doctors join brick belts to help parents relax for children who fall down on Lego • The Register

Only a week ago we approved Boffins' efforts that calculated how wombats weighed off the beautiful Oxo cube ovens. Now our marsupial conversation pals seem to be a privileged medical community company, and members have deliberately hoped (and passed) Lego pieces.

Why? Well, let's be charitable and describe parents as a neurotic crew. Naturally, the idea of ​​Junior absorbing overseas objects keeps the poor saddles awkward during the night, and how unfortunate it is that so many children's toys come into pieces so cool.

Common Wombat in Tasmania scenes

Wombats are literally brick – and now it's important that they know how


In an attempt to relieve these fears, a team of doctors from the UK and Australia, recognizing that much work has already done on the safest coins are transferred by dots, by turn their attention to Lego's weapons.

"Six pediatric healthcare workers were recruited to swallow Lego's head," the reading essay. "All previous gastrointestinal surgery, inability to objects of foreign objects and conflicts to look for a faecal issue in all banning criteria."

Fair enough, but what is this? Science has to do with a wink and a daunting tongue in a pig? And nerf!

"The practice of the pre-assault bowel had to be moderated by the Stool Caledness and Transformation score (SHAT). The participants pointed to the head of Lego, and the time taken was taken to the object; w get in the participants The basic result was the Find and Received Time Score (FART). "

That is some reversal worthy of a seat on it Reg subscription desk Chrimbo edition of The Journal of Pediatrics and Child Health, who published the study, traditionally involves surrounding research.

"The FART score was equal to 1.71 days. There was some evidence that women could be more complete when searching through their stools than men, but this could not be statistically authenticated."

Good disease Grateful, UK national newspaper And Graun He was on hand to take quotes about the "serious" science. "I can not remember if it was before or after breakfast," said the author Grace Leo's report to the paper. "But we all joined Lego between 7am and 9am in our own time zone, with a glass of water.

"For most people it was passed after one or three stools, but badly [researcher Damien Roland], he did not find it, so we searched for every stool for two weeks. I ate on the first stool then and I was very relieved. "

No participant had no negative side effects of their plastic snacks, but the experiment came with a sticker "do not try this at home". Unless you're three, of course.

The report received that children's digestive systems could respond differently but there was "some evidence to support this".

The authors added: "If there is anything, it's likely that objects would pass faster in a more immature hidden."

In closing, Leo said: "I hope there will be more conversation and awareness of overseas bodies, and assurance for parents who are not advised to search through the stool, for small foreign bodies.

"If you have a small Lego wood, you do not have to go through the stool. That should save some disorders to parents, unless the head of Lego is really fond of love."

These skills made it too easy for themselves. Lego's head is small with round edges facilitating a smooth path through the hut. Did they try standard swallowing, four-nodule bricks? Did they *% k – because they're probably dead.

Lego's hazards have been well documented. Everyone knows that penetrating on one of the buggers is struggling to get more injured. The Register has invented its own formula to measure the amount of pain. Submitting BASTARD: Required Bricks Required x Time / Accept – Resistance Oh oh oh. Please feel free to add your own tortured and serious scoring systems in the comments to assist with this dignified work. ®


Oh yes, and like you, "The guardian", The The Register from the name and we want to have headings back.

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