Thursday , May 19 2022

Dining chains exclude mobile phones


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Having families to set their tablets and their phones and talking to each other can be difficult, but one restaurant chain aims to persuade them.

In a test scheme parents who are willing to transfer their devices to the restaurant staff will receive free meals.

Frankie and Benny say figures that show that children want parents to spend less time on their phones and more time talking to them, stimulated the idea.

About 10% have tried to hide a parent's hand set for attention, he says.

And almost twice a lot said it seemed that their parents chose to be on their phones or talk their children.

Over a quarter of parents admitted that they checked their phones during family meals, while 23% did so while their child was talking about their day.

The survey – commissioned by the restaurant chain – questioned 1,500 parents and children.

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During the promotion of "No Phone Phone", which runs from November 29 to December 7, Frankie and Benny will provide a box for families that they can leave their devices.

No-one will be forced to take part, the company is emphasized, but staff will be "actively encouraged" to ensure that people take part.

The chain, with 250 restaurants, also says that it would intend to introduce the enterprise permanently if it is successful.

Some people welcomed the movement on Twitter while others were suspicious.

Alexis Martin said: "Where is this magical place and how do I get there?"

Sue Lamming replied: "What a great idea, but will families know what to say with each other?"

But Steve Dresser's retail analyst thought if there was only an exciting way to stop people complaining about the service on temporary social media.

"We looked at different ways in which we could encourage people to engage more in the lunchtime, and we've found that there is an opportunity for families to share with their devices for a couple of hours a great way to bring them closer and to welcome family time, "said spokesman.

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