Tuesday , November 24 2020

China: Facial recognition targets A GP appointment faces World News

Chinese hospitals use surface recognition technology as part of the breakdown of people who make doctor appointments and then sell them for profit.

More than 30 hospitals in the capital use Beijing technology and have already identified 2,100 people who regularly appear to make appointments, but then sell them on to save customers queue in accordance with seeing a doctor.

This is the latest application of the new technology used in places to tighten state control over the country, home to 1.4 billion people.

The country's markets are filled with counterfeit and fraud conflicts and the state has been applying face recognition wherever possible – from the distribution of toilet paper in public facilities to identify those who # 39; n road crossing is illegal, all in real time.

Facial recognition is one of technologies that are used to process large data, genetic purchasing and sequencing in an attempt to increase the state store of personal information about Chinese citizens.

The data is fed into a "social credit" system that rewards or punish people based on their behavior.

Anything from failing to pay taxes and fines to walk a dog without guidance could lead to individuals facing penalties, including being banned from buying plane and train tickets.

The social credit system has been under fire with human rights campaigners saying that the system is too rigid and unfair enough of some independence without telling them they've lost their status or how they could earn it back.

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