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Chelsea beat Malmo: Europa League is gaining pressure on Maurizio Sarri – for now


Chelsea Maurizio Sarri faces Manchester City in the Carabao Cup final on Sunday, and then takes Tottenham in the Premier League

The definition of affection, according to Albert Einstein, is to achieve the same task over and over and expect different results.

In the case of Maurizio Sarri, the message did not appear to have happened last month, but during the second second game after the Europa 3-0 League 3-0 Thursday 3-0 won at least Malmo he had a break fans themselves.

For the Chelsea manager, who has become increasingly pressurized, the FA Cup on Monday by Manchester United was scary.

The Blues supporters criticized their tactics, paying attention to their predictable deputies and even joining the "visiting chorus" you are being dismissed. the morning".

Grateful to Sarri, the 3,500 Malmo followers who were otherwise excited and knew a few English sentences, did not know that special ditty.

On an evening when he felt that Sarri's changes to the team were more indebted to the Sunday Carabao Cup final against Manchester City than in fact taking any criticisms, the popular crowd called Callum Hudson-Odoi – who praised the child teenager afterwards.

The 60-year-old Italian, who has denied a report in his home country that he had held talks about taking care of Roma next season, could also use Olivier Giroud's trace score as A & # 39; to defend her methods.

And he might like to point out that he has had a better record in Chelsea than Pep Guardiola in his first season in Manchester City. Sarri has won 28 of 43 first games in England; Spain had won 27 on the same platform.

But there seems to be a disagreement with Jorginho, who has become a lightning rod to criticize his Sarari-tactics tactics, and it was boosted when it replaced.

However, Sarri said the poor start of his team dropped to Brazil that was not on the field.

He asked what would happen if his side started in the same way against Manchester City on Sunday, opponents who beat 6-0 in the Premier League earlier this month, he said: "Disaster . "

He added: "In the first 30 minutes, we understood why Jorginho was very important to our team. We were in trouble coming from half. We played without confidence, we were nervous and we can not move the ball very quickly, our supporters will understand that it is a very important player. "

Chelsea fans may not scratch their heads once again.

Why not play Kante in the Kante situation?

In his program notes, Sarri said he understood "why barriers were frustrating with results" but not to mention his methods.

And for those who have been keen for Kante's goal to play in the "Kante situation", Sarri was stuck to the principles that Mateo Kovacic chose in the role of deep midfielder.

That decision was back back when the Croatian's field pitcher put the ball away in a dangerous position in the opening six minutes, just for Kante to make the interaction.

Yet a minute later he was a French World Cup winner that was racing clearly to combine with Hudson-Odoi and set up Giroud for the Chelsea opening opportunity.

That combination was essential for the first goal, when Kante again halfwayed halfway in Chelsea half, riding on and feeding Willian to establish Giroud.

Un-nothing to Sarri

If the former head of Naples was under any misuse, he was ahead of the Chelsea supporters, soon let him know their feelings when his deputies made for trade marks following the 74-minute goal of Ross Barkley to do in 2-0.

Ruben Loftus-Cheek has replaced the effective Kante to abolish. Jorginho came to Barkley to get up.

The disagreement continues, but the real test may come in from three days, when Brazil must compensate for a bad display in that game. Etihad Stadium.

Hudson-Odoi will play 30 games next season & # 39;

Callum Hudson-Odoi has again started a league game for Chelsea this season

If the use of Kante was at Sarri's head, his lightweight use of Hudson-Odoi was once again shown, at least in the eyes of the home fans.

Failing to start a game since his strike against Sheffield Wednesday in the fourth round of the FA Cup, the 18-year-old was another notable score.

Perhaps Sarri would like to point out the first error that led to the death of Markus Rosenberg in the past whistle, which would have given Malmo the leader.

The manager's response was a harassment and a similar scoring that Jose Mourinho gave to Marcus Rashford for losing chance against Young Boys when the head of Manchester United.

But there is no doubt that Hudson-Odoi is fond of fans. The end of Matthew Harding of Stamford Bridge sings his name several times, and after his third goal of the season, he supported with regular appeals for him to stay after his flirtation with Bayern Munich.

After that, Sarri suggested for the first time that he wanted youngsters to have a future in the club, as long as Italy continued.

How Hudson-Odoi play time in 2018-19 compares with other teenagers
Callum Hudson-Odoi (Chelsea) 565 minutes
Ryan Sessegnon (Fulham) 1.640 minutes
Phil Foden (Man City) 771 minutes
Morgan Gibbs-Gwyn (Wolves) 803 minutes

According to BBC Sport what Hudson-Odoi needed to do to start a Premier League for the first time, Sarri said: "Callum has now played 14 games this season and in England there is no other player at the age of 18 thereby the number of games in the first team.

"So, I think we're currently using it right now. Twenty-two matches this season will come next 30 and 40 in two years.

"In addition, the club must decide because if I'm a club and I want Callum on the field with more consistency, I have to sell another bone, otherwise the manager is in trouble. "

And with that regard – although Ryan Sessegnon, the 18-year-old Phil Foden and Fulham, has played over 14 games this season – there are signs that Sarri could start listening to those who called for his head only three days ago.

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