Thursday , January 27 2022

Campaigners ask for an explanation after a West Ham coach was reset following a march investigation to the right


Aanti-racist campaigners demanded a full explanation by West Ham United on Monday after the club confirmed that an under 18s coach Mark Phillips escaped dismissing because he appears to attend riding organized by and the Ladies Football Dems League.

Phillips was banned last month after describing social media how he was present at an exhibition in London where the organizers promised to protest for "the return of jihadists", "thousands of Awol migrants", "violence gangs and people "and" veterans who were treated as trimmers ".

Sport Telegraph then revealed that the former cabin driver had historic connections with the famous hooligan wearing Inter-City, having been a childhood friend to the well-known former member, Cass Pennant.

The investigation to Phillips came to the conclusion that there were not enough reasons for dismissal following legal advice from employment experts, that is understood. Phillips was given a final warning that they did not offer resignation.

"West Ham United can confirm that the Mark Phillips academy teacher has been restored to employment lawsuit, and he has reminded his" responsibilities, "read a club statement.

In response, the anti-discrimination charity, Kick It Out, told Telegraph Sport: "In the interests of transparency, we hope that a clear explanation of its decision will be published. As we have been, we are ready and available to offer support For the club around any possible discrimination investigation – as well as advise on the best way forward when a club representative attends an event that could be intrusive to the local community. "

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