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British men use a hair loss drug from the label to grow FULL CARDS


Thousands of British men throw a hair loss on their face and grow full beards as part of a startling new trend.

They use over-the-counter valve medicine from the name minoxidil on their cheeks, their chicks and their mustache twice a day and share their results online.

Boys who are as young as 16 years old with men far into their 50s form a subculture of hopes that want a more mature or male appearance.

Minoxidil, marketed under the brand name Regaine in the UK, comes in foam or liquid form in a strength of two or five per cent.

It is available on Amazon and at most pharmacies that do not require a prescription.

It works by helping the blood flow to hair follicles – the part of the skin that grows hair by packing old cells with each other.

The Vlogger Adam Siddals, 27, has millions of scenes on his YouTube channel where he recorded his beard journey from zero to hero.

The Vlogger Adam Siddals, 27, has millions of scenes on his YouTube channel where he recorded his beard journey from zero to hero.

Before starting Minoxidil in 2016

It is now bearded and is taken more seriously; in office

The business analyst from Derby (left, before embarking on Minoxidil in 2016) was unsure about his lack of facial hair. He said he was now bearded (right, this week) that he got more respect from coworkers

Minoxidil also expands the hair follicle, causing thicker hair to grow, and extends the growth stage of each follicle that leads to longer hair strings.

Its effect on hair growth was first discovered in the 1970s during clinical trials to see if it worked as a high blood pressure treatment.

After taking a verbal pill, the drug destroys small arteries in the body allowing an increase in blood flow.

But in the 1970s he had trials, led by researchers from the United States of pharmaceutical company Upjohn, in Michigan, unintended effect causing hypertrichosis or excessive hair growth.

More recent clinical studies have shown that 60 per cent of men using minoxidil on their heads experience visible hair regeneration.

But in internet support forums, men with dreams of looking like Jason Mamoa use minoxidil as an off-label medicine for beard growth.

Minoxidil, sold under the brand name Regaine in the UK, helpsther.

Minoxidil, which is sold under the brand name Regaine in the UK, is an over-the-counter product available at pharmacies across the country. It works by helping blood flow to hair follicles

The most popular Facebook group, The Minox Beard Spot, has 55,000 members.

There are hundreds of hundreds of pre-and-post pictures and thousands of comments from members who praise and encourage each other on their journeys.

Adam Siddals, 27, one of the founders of the group, recorded his minoxidil tour through YouTube videos that have gathered millions of views.

The business analyst, from Derby, started using the product on his face in April 2016 when he was 24, after being shocked at his lack of facial hair.

Gabriel Baba from Geneva, Switzerland, before he began his journey

Mr Baba after three months using the drug

Gabriel Baba of Geneva, Switzerland, is one of 55,000 members of the Minoxidil mustard growth support group on Facebook. He went from a rare and patched (left) scream to a full thick beard in three months

She told MailOnline: 'I had a very big strap, slightly more hair on the chin, a little under my neck and a weak mustache, very straggly.

'It worried me, I was unsure about my lack of facial hair.


Minoxidil belongs to a class of drugs called vasodilators, which expands small arteries in the body causing the blood flow resistance to decrease.

It stimulates hair growth by helping blood flow to go to hair follicles – the part of the skin that grows hair by packing old cells with each other.

The drug also expands the hair follicle, causing a thicker hair thread.

It extends the growth period, or anagen stage, the hair and defer the sweep stage.

The exact physiological basis for these effects remains unknown.

Minoxidil comes in a foam or liquid form – applied with a dropper – usually in a strength of 2 per cent or 5 per cent.

The medicine has been clinically tested to regenerate hair from balding men and to prevent hair loss in individuals with alopecia.

Experts say that the disadvantage to finoxidil is that you must continue to take it in order for the effects to stay.

There are a number of side effects associated with the drug, including itchy skin and dry, palpitations and higher blood pressure.

Many minoxidil products contain propylene glycol, and alcohol, which can lead to rash and inflammation of the skin when applied to the top.

The less common side effects of finoxidil include acne and inflammation around the hair roots.

There are also side effects of minoxidil which can occur as a result of over-use of the medication.

In most cases, these side effects occur when too much finoxidil is used at the same time, resulting in high absorption of finoxidil to the body.

These side effects include dizziness, mild light, fainting, irregular heartbeat, chest pain, headache, flushing and blurred vision or change.

But minoxidil is very toxic to cats, as they do not have the enzymes needed to metabolize and clear minoxidil from the body.

Users are advised to wash their hands thoroughly after using the drug.

It is important to note that clinical studies on Minoxidil's application to the surface have not been maintained, so side effects may vary.

My friends always used to upset me about not having facial hair. They used to say, "Just face it that you'll never grow a beard, give it a try".

It 's sounds stupid but I felt I had to prove that they were wrong. I remind them by the time that they are the reason I started using minoxidil. # 39;

Before his trip, Mr Siddals spent weeks researching to find a cure for his facial follicle deficiency.

When he found Minoxidil he was naturally suspicious. I don't believe in miracle cures or magic tablets, and I don't believe it. he said.

I did research for about a month before ordering my first ability of Minoxidil. I didn't think it would work, if I'm honest.

But as I started to document my journey, the results came so fast. It was surreal, I couldn't believe it. # 39;

Mr Siddals, who lives in London, said his beard had commanded respect from others and changed his life.

He added: 'Now I've started getting more serious at work and looking older. It has given me new confidence and made my life better.

Taking Minoxidil is the best decision I've ever made apart from offering to my girlfriend.

Mr Siddals used the product for two years and stopped last July.

Experts claim that hair strings grown using minoxidil will fall out once customers give the best to use the drug.

But Mr Siddals has been off for nine months and has not noticed any change.

He offered advice to people who were growing beards, saying: 'In some cases, it is better to wait for nature to take its course.

If you're in your late teens, I'd advise you to stay a little longer. But if you hit mid-20s, you may not be able to grow a full beard naturally.

I'd advise everyone to investigate side effects. Sometimes a scalp hair tear freaks people out, although it is quite rare. # 39;

Mr Siddals added: 'Another common side effect is dry skin and possible heart pains. I would also tell newcomers to start slowly.

You don't need to be applying the strongest, most concentrated form of Minoxidil when you start. And use the foam, it has fewer side effects.

And remember there are lots of people who don't work for them. It's not a miracle cure. Like any drug, some people don't take it as well as others. # 39;

The UK's leading hair recovery surgeon, Dr Bessam Farjo, is skeptical about the trend – and has even given warning about possible side effects.

But he admits that he could turn his fuzz with; Thin face is a thicker beard – as long as you have the hair there in the first place.

Dr Farjo, founder of the respected Farjo Hair Institute, said: 'Minoxidil works by increasing the blood supply to the hair follicles and extending the anagen stage – the growth stage – the hair.

Ryan Montgomery, from Nashville, Texas

A full beard grew in a few months

Ryan Montgomery, from Nashville, Texas, claims he grew a full beard using Minoxidil in a few months

Basically, more hair stays in the growing period for longer, rather than going into the rest period, which gives you the impression that you have thicker hair, and your existing hair does not deteriorate.

It 's well – maintained hair – not growing hair – and that's how we prescribe it to patients with pattern baldness.

And when it comes to the beard, you could get some fine hair "fuzz", which is experiencing more growth by using Minoxidil.

He added: 'If you have an immature beard, then Minoxidil could make it look fuller. And then you have to continue using the drug or thickness appearance will disappear.

But there's probably no chance at all if you didn't have hair on your face that Minoxidil is going to give you a beard suddenly.

Hair can't grow where hair wasn't in the first place. Likewise, if you rub Minoxidil on top of a bare man, nothing will happen.

The Minox Beard Spot is the most popular beard support group for men who use the drug on their face  t

The Minox Beard Spot is the most popular beard support group for men who use the drug on their face t

And I am not aware of any studies to show, statistically, that beard growth using Minoxidil can occur with consistency.

Dr Farjo, whose business has clinics in London and Manchester, said the possible side effects of using Minoxidil include skin redness and itching.

And if you overdo it, you could even suffer dizziness and faint.

It explains: 'Minoxidil was originally thought to be a mascot to treat patients with high blood pressure.

But if you have normal blood pressure and you are using too much of it, you can get lower blood pressure than what is healthy, leading to fainting and unsteady, because it doesn't t your heart pumping enough blood around your body.

It's also irritating, which can cause redness and worry – an allergy-like reaction.

Roshi before he started using Minoxidil

His beard was much fuller after 15 months of using it

Minox Beard member on the spot in the photo before and after 15 months on the hair loss drug

It can cause skin dryness too, which can leave a white deposit on their scalp – easy to hide on the head by changing the style of your hair, but it is not so easy to hide on your face. # 39;

Dr Bashar Bizrah, founder of Beyond Med Center, said a clinic specializing in scalp and bearded hair transplants, which is not uncommon for women using Minoxidil to complain about unwanted hair growth t on the surface – when the medicine accidentally penetrates down from the patient's skin.

Dr Bizrah, founder of the Beyond Med Center in Kensington, West London, said: 'Minoxidil is used which is applied to the scalp to stimulate hair growth.

But it can also cause unwanted hair growth when the medicine comes into contact with other areas of the skin.

There are some reports about women who have used Minoxidil, just in order for the lotion to drip down on their face accidentally, where it then stimulates the facial growth of the face.

Adam Siddals, who is now a knight, said that using the drug was the best decision I've ever made apart from offering to my girlfriend;

Adam Siddals, who is now a knight, said that using the drug was the best decision I've ever made apart from offering to my girlfriend;

With this in mind, a fully credible Minoxidil could cause hair to face that it doesn't want to grow if it is eventually used on the surface, even through that, so far, there are no clinical studies to They confirmed. # 39;

Dr Bizrah also says Minoxidil could work to grow hair that is not clearly present on the surface.

He added: 'Hair is everywhere on the body. Some hair is very small and is not visible to the naked eye. That's why minoxidil stimulates growth in hair production that was thought to be absent from the front. # 39;

When assessing the patient's images, Mr Siddalls, Dr Bizrah, added: 'Although it's not clear in the image, my guess is that the patient has an existing facial hair – but in the first photo there are 39 thin and imaginary, so it's not obvious.

In the second image, it appears that Minoxidil has worked to thicken the existing disgusting hair and make it more abundant.

The disadvantage for Minoxidil is that you must continue to take it so that the effects stay. When you stop, the hair growth will also stop. In turn, more hair loss can occur.

Minoxidil should be used as a responsibility with the supervision and instruction of a doctor. It's a temporary solution to hair loss alone.

You must use minoxidil once they have started, such as regular maintenance medication.

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