Friday , May 27 2022

Brexit News: Macron warns the EU is about to arrive because of Brexit World | News


The comments made by the young referee as European leaders agreed to deal with Brexit's divorce at a Brussels summit on Sunday, where they stressed that the UK would continue to be a friend and a friend. a league. It was asked if there was a parallel between the Voting and the violent anti-government movement currently holding France, Mr Macron said that both situations could not be compared. "I do not think that the situation of all our countries can be compared. Brexit said much about the departments and very different jobs between those living in the City [of London] and the rest of the United Kingdom, between the young and the old, "he said.

"This shows in all our democracies, it is clear that our duty is to give more prospects to popular and middle class as well as the ability to develop progress," he told reporters on The summit of Brussels summit during the European period led by official approval of British withdrawal terms of the block.

"There are some who succeed in this global world, and those whose progress is no longer accessible," continued Mr Macron.

An organization began protesting the root of France as a fuel tax rebellion but since then it has turned into a more general movement against "unfair" economic reforms Mr Macron.

Earlier on Sunday, Mr Macron also emphasized that the British vote of Brexit demonstrated urgent need to reform the European Union.

He said: "We must draw the results that show that the European Union has a vulnerable side, it can be improved … It shows that we need to rebuild our Europe and that's an option that I support and will continue to work towards. "

Losing faith in the European and leaders' project has become increasingly widespread, boosting the visibility of anti-EU leaders who have promised to merge against the producers of the block in the next European Parliamentary elections in May.

Mr Macron, for his part, has repeatedly introduced the ballot as an open struggle between nationalist demagogues who want to give the best to immigration and globalization and liberal euroffiles who want "more Europe" to themselves .

Support for nationalist leaders, such as Marine Le Pen France and Matteo Salvini of Italy, has been on the recent increase, raising fears that elected parties could expand their strength in the EU parliament following the May vote.

Mrs Le Pen's Racing Race (RN) party was played before Mr Macron's La République En Marche (LREM) first time in the Ifop policy on polling intentions for the elections announced earlier this month.

Mr Macron's central movement vote showed 19 per cent of voting intentions compared to 20 per cent in the last survey at the end of August; while RN Mrs Le Pred in the National Front – has risen to 21 per cent of 17 per cent previously.

The ballot will determine who leads major EU institutions, including the European Commission, the civil service of the block, and it is also important as a curious feeling among 500 million EU people.

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