Thursday , May 26 2022

Brexit Bargen: take it or leave it, the EU says British Politics


European leaders have launched a campaign to sell the Brexit agreement with Theresa May on a "take or leave" basis as EU ambassadors in Brussels agreed jointly that major changes would be impossible.

Given the concerns about something about the 585 page removal text of a set aside, the 27 member states decided to refuse to redrafting the agreement on either side. during a meeting with Michael Barnier, the main EU negotiator.

Barnier had told EU ambassadors that they should not engage in "bargaining" despite the political situation in the UK.

France and Germany had pressed on the European commission to give a "positive" language to the draft political statement on the future commercial deal that will match the & # 39; behind, and is still being discussed with the Britons. Olly Robbins, consultant Brexi Downing Street, has been in Brussels on Friday and will return on Saturday.

Ambassadors for the two main powers in the EU called for a program to add to the seven-page document to announce on Tuesday that both sides would commit to "an ambitious and deep relationship ", echoing the previous language of the prime minister himself.

In addition, similar UK-wide requirements were moved in the political statement regarding the ban between access to British waters for EU and EU fleet and the ability of UK companies to sell fish in the European market.

It is also likely that a section on the "play level" requirements in the UK will be strengthened, with calls for "dynamic alignment" with Brussels raff regulations, to provide assurance to member states and the EU that Britain will not enjoys a competitive advantage of the future of dealing, in a move that could further poison the political atmosphere in London.

EU diplomats, however, insisted that the member states are in the atmosphere of "helping and assisting" the prime minister.

Their leaders joined later in Friday to emphasize that the re-negotiation of the contract agreement was not 107,000 words on the cards and highlighted the risk to the economy of the British parliament rejecting what agreed with Downing Street.

Austrian chancellor Sebastian Kurz told reporters in Brussels: "There's a good deal for both sides, no one has been cheated.This bargain prevents Hard Brexit, He's helping us in Europe, but even more so he's helping Great Britain because Hard Brexit would hit the Great Britain. "

He added: "I am really hoping that the necessary agreement will be in the British parliament for this deal. And then this would provide the basis that an orderly departure from Great Britain can happen and that A good future relationship at the same time as possible … Of course, we support the agreement made here 100%. "

The Dutch prime minister, Mark Rutte, insisted that European Union countries would not be ready to change the proposed Brexit deal.

"It's very unlikely that we will make important changes to these proposals," said Rutte. "We've talked about this for a long time, everyone has taken a long part. We would look good at parts of the proposals, but it seems that major changes are unlikely to me."

Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar said he could not see "a lot of space" for renegotiation, warning that the enforcement of changes could "see it all solve".

Finance Minister Emmanuel Macron warned Bruno Le Maire, attending a trade forum in Paris, British MPs of the "UK-wide" economic disaster if he refused the offer the board

"The choice that is now facing British political leaders who has recommended Brexit to reject their political politics or face an economic disaster, with British people being the main victims," ​​said the French minister.

"There are a number of irresponsible and irresponsible politicians in Britain who told the British people that Brexit would turn out to be golden tomorrow … The truth is that Brexit could end with a nightmare."

In a meeting with Barnier earlier in the day, the EU ambassador of France had warmed the calls of Paris for a more positive language with a request for an EU situation statement on the "indivisibility" of the single market.

In Madrid, Isabel Celaá, the education minister who is also a spokesman for the Spanish socialist party in Spain, described the temporary deal as a success to both parties, warning that "would be much better deal with a trains or with a split ".

"Like any bargain, it's obvious that it's not perfect, but it's still a success for the European Union and the United Kingdom – if it's off , "he said.

One EU diplomatic said that re-negotiation of the withdrawal agreement was a "impossible" application and that the EU must trust the agreement that he had with government Britain. "Even if Theresa May falls, we have an agreement with government," said the diplomat.

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