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Bethesda offers 500 Atoms for customers affected by the Fallout 76 bag-gate •

If you thought that the debate is about Fallout 76 ending in the game itself, you're surprised. Bethesda is now in trouble with supporters for promising a canvas duffle bag in his $ 200 (£ 156) Power Armor Edition of the game – and instead providing a new shift to nylon.

Now, in a bid for supportive supporters, Bethesda has apologized and promised to give 500 Atoms (currency in the Fallout 76 game) to customers affected as compensation.

The foundations for a bag-gate began last week when those who received Power Armor Edition received something amiss in their luxury package. Customers started to compare the promotional material for the issue and what was actually presented, and claimed that Bethesda had changed the description of the bag on the site after they began to present complaints. Certainly, an official Bethesda store now says that the bag has made a nylon, but the image still reads "canvas," as the Amazon lists for the product.

Already has been shamed by what was described by bethesda i "cover their tracks", customers affected a number of screen screens of customer service responses, and one of these was an incredible answer telling the customer: "the bag shown in the media was a prototype and it was too expensive to do. We do not plan to do anything about it. "

Bethesda has since confirmed that this e-mail was true, but he said that the response was "wrong". The company moved to the nylon-carrying case "because there were no materials available," said Bethesda. In the case of the customer service member behind the curt answer above, Bethesda said they were a "temporary contract worker and are not directly employed by Bethesda or Bethesda Game Studios" .

In an attempt to resolve the situation, Bethesda now offers 500 Atoms for customers affected as compensation, and has set up a supportive page for those who bought the Power Armor Edition. In real world money, a 500 Atom package can be purchased for £ 3.99 – but so much has highlighted social media, this (ironically) is not enough to buy a version in the game of the # 39 ; Bring the bag towel, which costs 700 Atoms. One thing you get a cloth or plastic when you break it is still confirmed.

Although Bethesda has become clean, it is still unclear if this gesture will be enough to silence supporters who lost a number of dollars on what was to be a deluxe version of the game. Speaking to LanternCupcake – one of the customers who posted a screenshots – it sounds like this will not be the case.

"I was quite disappointed after paying up to $ 300 AUD for an item of such a noisy quality, knowing that they would have known the change for a few months," he told me. "I believe they should present what they promised – a canvas bag. I do not want compensation or anything similar, I want what I bought."

Online also, the reaction to the actions of Bethesda remains negative and negative. As the Reddit user SenorBeef highlights, there is no direct money available to Bethesda. "Why not give $ 50 worth or even $ 100 worth? $ 5 of real repayment would be offensive, with no mention of $ 5 in virtual currency," they added.

Reward PR awards are probably Bethesda and the only things that have been bagged themselves. Without criticizing the reaction so far, a bag gate may rush for some time to come.

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