Wednesday , December 8 2021

Android Q will allow you to run two apps at the same time in a multi-task window


Google is probably exploring an option to release Android Q early in the form of a beta as it looks at ways to bring new features that face the user to the platform. Now, we've started to hear some of the new features that could start with the next version of the Google mobile operating system.

One of the key new features with the release of Android Q will have the multi-task feature to be refurbished. Android already supports a multi-window feature in different forms but with the release of Android Nougat in 2016, Google offered a definition for how multi-tasks should work on its mobile operating system. Google defines three different multi-functional actions: a shared, free screen and a photo-shot, which is available with Android release Oreo.

Although you can open two apps alongside the latest versions of Android, you can not run them at the same time. Now, when you open two programs in the screen mode you have to share, only one app that is saved as an active app at a time while the other ap will be stopped . Users can change the condition of these apps by interacting with them by hand and it is not possible to keep both apps active at the same time.

With the release of Android Q, Google intends to install this restriction properly. At the recent Android Developers Summit, Google announced a whole system support for foldable mobile phones and has now introduced a new feature of the "multi-resume" name as a mandatory installation in Android Q. There is an emphasis on the word "mandatory" since most developers and OEM partners had not implemented a multi-task feature as recommended by Google.

What Is Extended in Android Q?

With a multi-resume feature, Google will make it possible for multiple apps to be open and in fact run at the same time. The search engine requires application developers to operate a multi-resume, where all apps will continue to rebuild / active in the multi-window. The only way to get active apps in a multi-window mode is currently through the "MultiStar" module in Good Lock on Samsung Galaxy devices.

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According to XDA developers, the OEM and the app will have to opt in to test this new multi-resume feature on an existing Android Pie device. To enable multi-resume, the OEM will have to present the latest information including support for multiple apps running on the same window at the same time.

Google also plans to make multi-resume support in mandatory behavior with the next Android release. Android Q has already given emphasis to include new features where the apps will even update in the background when you use them. It needs to be seen if Google is pushing an early beta for the next version of Android.

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