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A new "fake Pikachu" debate is headed on Monday full of hiring


Three film and television studios were elected to leave their trailers online on Monday, instead of spreading their love over the week. On the other hand, each trailer is interesting, but their combined nerd power gives us an insight into what comes from three world contexts.

The highlight of this year's Veterans trailer is Detective Pikachu, acting live (and definitely in the West) goes on the same name video game. That title contains a few things. First of all, like the game, the Pokemon Universe fork appears to exist outside of a collective game – all of it and anime records. That means there is no sign of familiar human characters such as Ash, Daisy, Brock, or Team Rocket.

Secondly, the movie focuses on a special version of Pikachu who speaks the same language as people, but his friend can only hear his best friend … and they are fit to solve mystery. In this case, the mystery seems to turn around a missing father of a young boy – and how his lack kept the boy away from life as a Pokemon coach.

Official Detective Pikachu trailer

As you can see in the gallery above and the trailer, the movie otherwise exists in the full universe of Pokémon, which means we see a significant Nintendo attempt to get married actors real and create realistic "Pokemon" creatures. Pikachu, in particular, looks like a boring stuffing animal coming to life, while other popular Pokemon characters have unexpected CGI contacts themselves. (A plasticky appearance of Psyduck, for example, recalls the appearance of George George's 80s Howard the Duck pypedau.)

Between that cognitive dissonance and the voice noise of Ryan Reynolds coming out of Pikachu, he says to say that Detective Pikachu It will be, at least, an incredible movie. He debuts May 11, 2019.

Official Toy Story 4 trailer teaser

Disney-Pixar returned to its own CGI-full disclosure trailer Toy Story 4 on Monday, too, although this one has much less available. The TL; DR: Toy Story's familiar instructions laugh and play in a slow move until a new character appears. It's a talk speaker, and this new member of the crew scratches, "I'm not a toy!" sending the magnificent party into tidy.

Perhaps we are only one teenager, or there may be something strange in Andy's world that wakes up other objects when people are not around. We will have to wait until a more remote "summer 2019" window to find out.

Official MST3K: And Gauntlet trailer

Last on the docket is Thester Science Science Theater 3000, whose second Netflix period has already been published a few months ago. So far, we know that the show will feature the same cast of humorists (Jonah Ray, Felicia Day, Patton Oswalt) and voice robots and the second season goes on Thanksgiving Day with six films pulling.

Now, we know which films will be available, including the amazing celebrity Mac a Fi and a modern "mockbuster" litter fire Atlantic War. More than that, all films will be presented with the "watch them sequentially" gimmick in the show genius. As the series is about inventing Jonah and robot comparators, we're pleased to see the show still being the "binging" reputation of Netflix as a way of introducing pain.

Image list by Warner Bros.

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