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A great scam & DrainerBot & # 39; Rinse Android users for their battery life and their data • The Register


A great deal of ad fraud could suck your juice and use more than 10GB of data per month by downloading hidden windows, Oracle has claimed.

The database vendor has talked about the serious data slurper DrainerBot, and said he was using an infected code on Android devices to present fraudulent, invisible video advertisements. Infected apps use "bandwidth and a substantial battery," said Big Red.

The discovery was made by teams in two quite recent Oracle acquisitions – biz Moat removal and Dyn Internet Internet clothing – having seen a significant increase in browsing activity by Android apps.

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3ve Online: Unlimited Windows Computers using 1.7m IP addresses have been hacked to see & # 39; Up to 12 billion advertisements per day


The company believes that the DrainerBot code has been distributed through SDK after infection has integrated into "hundreds of Android users and popular consumer games".

It was reported that apps had been infected – which were removed from Google Play Store – included an extra beauty beauty app Perfect365, Draw Clash of Clans for sketching the game characters, Touch & # 39; n & # 39; Beat – Cinema, to VertexClub. Oracle said they had been downloaded with users more than 10 million times.

Once an app has been downloaded, a code update brings new functions and this triggers the fraudulent ad videos. These ads do not appear on the screen – so consumers will not be aware of the scam – but Oracle said they will slow down loading other sites, using more than 10GB data per month and can Drainage charging battery is easy. In addition, the company said that the advertisements can continue to run even if the app is not used or is in sleep.

Meanwhile, the app drive fake ad editions, as it reports back to the network that every video ad has appeared on the site of a valid publisher – which Oracle sites say, in fact , spoiled.

Ad fraud is not new, but Oracle said that this type of special behavior could be unique because of the impact it had on mobile users, as well as on advertisers and publishers.

"DrainerBot is one of the first first recreational fraud operations to cause clear and direct financial damage to consumers," said Eric Roza, a super-wip Oracle Cloud Cloud. "DrainerBot infected apps can use hundreds of dollars to consumers in unnecessary data payments when wasting their batteries and slowing down their devices."

Oracle said the "seemingly" SDK was distributed by a Tapcore Dutch company – is significant because of the company's suggested contribution in identifying and tackling ad fraud.

The company, established in 2015, enables app developers to find pirated apps of their apps, and then display advertisements that have been targeted to the pirated user – giving a chance to & # 39; r app developers earn money from ad impressions.

The Tapcore code, according to its site, has been incorporated into some 3,000 apps – but users only have a pirate copy of the app that users have downloaded to advertisements

In response to Oracle's allegations, he announced a strong revocation of participation, saying that he was "surprised and felt great by the allegations and tried to connect the company" with DrainerBot.

"At the moment of the first hearing about the DrainerBot fraud fraud scheme, Tapcore immediately began an internal investigation to see if any such code had ever been distributed through its unconnected network , "said the Dutch company in a statement.

"The company is willing to co-operate with all interested parties and provide all the results on its findings. Openness and transparency are crucial in the mobile advertising industry, and Tapcore is ready to share all the data and results. "

The DrainerBot reveals following the operation of well-known fraud known as 3ve, which was revealed last year. At its peak, it was reported that the scam had used 1.7 million hijacked devices to create fake ad clicks.

We have asked Google for comments. ®

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