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8 Oscar winner that turns hard


There have been many debates about Oscars this year, so we thought why not throw a bit more by looking back at some of the most unexpected winners of the small gold statutes over the years.

Let's look at ten films that won the Academy Award that they were not as good in the eyes.

1. The Lady Lady (2011)

Meryl Streep is leading, Phyllida Lloyd is behind the camera and focuses on one of the most controversial political figures in the UK history – in other words, The Lady Lady Oscar-winner was stamped all over before he reached the big screen.

Unfortunately, despite the other time turning from Streep, it was found that the film was wearing the intrusive legacy of former British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher.

However, he was successful in winning bag awards for the best Actress and Best Making. It must have been a slow year, because The Lady Lady has received an audience score of 51% poor and means biting reviews are killed.

2. Suicide Squad (2016)

When was the omnipresent accommodation Suicide Squad the Oscar came to the Best Hair and Makeup, it did not take much before it was the subject of the meme "Suicide Squad He has more Oscars than … ".

Yes, he did not win the Best Picture just but people quickly noticed about the injustice the film (one associated with) Batman v Superman such as the worst Worlds of DC movie so far) is still saying that she has more Academy Awards than Taxi driver, The 2001: Space Odyssey a Shawshank repayment.

The injustice is real, especially when you are considering that Suicide Squad argued to a 26% rating by critics when it was released, and pushed to 27% very short today. Even saying Jared Leto and director David Ayer expressed concern about the issues that arose because of the editing process – this is hoping Birds of Injury can return some of that DC glory.

3. Harry Henderson (1987)

Let's get this one straight away – Harry Henderson a pure hit from magical disturbance. But surely it's not one that you would put in the ranks of best Hollywood cinematic achievements.

There may be another piece of evidence that the Oscars voting process can be processed at best, William Dear's flickers for a family that adopts sasquatch, is – incredible – movie and He won the Academy Award. No, seriously.

Although it was released back in 1987, the film was released back in 1987, and had a flawed response, with reviews ranging from "Sentimentality Spielbergian about it" to "Pay attention when such a movie terrible as horrible as Harry Henderson"Oh!

4. The Locker Hurt (2009)

Yes, we were also surprised by this one. The Locker Hurt definitely the success of the box office does not always mean the Oscar of glory and vice versa. Kathryn Bigelow has acted well, full of actions The Locker Hurt is considered to be one of the most recent dramatic Iraqi War dramatics.

Obviously, audiences did not get the memo, as the film was transferred in the box office, crushing only $ 49.2 million worldwide and rarely turned into profit. This may be about the fact that his subject was not particularly popular with US audiences at the time of release.

In one way or another, the film captured six Oscars and made history in more ways than one, as Bigelow took the prize to the Best Director, making it & The honor of the first female movie maker in the category. Let's hear about the girls!

5. And Wolfman (2010)

And Wolfman Another of those "he has more Oscars than" moments. The same name, from the director Joe Johnston, had a very watchful watch to fill in. Did he manage it? Definitely no.

Despite winning the Best Make-up award at the 2011 Academy Awards, the film was just $ 139.8 million worldwide, which was unable to collect its budget of $ 150 million. He was not impressed by both critics and spectators, with an overall audience rate of 33% equally and consensus describing it: "Beyond the place and the joy at the same time. "

Even Benicio del Toro's performance could not save this one.

6. Hugo (2011)

Yes, Martin Scorsese, heavyweight Oscars, has been done on this list thanks to the 2011 drama-fantasy Hugo, it was not staggering not one, but PUM Academy Awards.

The only problem is that there was not enough people going to see the movie really. The box office totaling $ 185.8 million was deducted (which sounds like a lot, until you compare it to the cost of production of $ 180 million).

After allowing, Scorsese turned as an assault for a genre and family (and 3D) to be a judge sentence (so the eleven Oscar nomination), but the viewers were divided, with many described Hugo as the worst movie they'd ever had to see. Not what you would like to hear when your movie lost an estimated of more than $ 80 million.

7. Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

Everything considered, Blade Runner 2049 It was a pretty decent sequel to Ridley Scott's innovative ski-fi lecturer. The movie stars Ryan Gosling as K, is a young antique hunting officer trying to track Rick Deckard Harrison Ford, who has been missing for 30 years.

Call him The Locker Hurt effect, as though it was one of the films of the projected year, the remake was bombed by Denis Villeneuve at the US box office, earning just over $ 31m on its opening weekend – just one part of bump or a huge budget of more than $ 150 million.

Many put this down to the movie too long – even Scott said, saying: "It's slowly slowly." Long time. We'll have taken half an hour. "Anyone who saw the film in the cinema tends to agree.

But preparing for a relaxation, the film was a visual treatment, and this is why he goes home with the two Academy Awards: Best Visual Effects and Best Cinematography, the last went to Roger Deakins, who was good Oscar without delay anyway after being motivated by the academy for over 25 years.

8. The Wizard of Oz (1939)

We thought we'd save the best to the end. Although Judy Garland plays Wizard of Oz officially the most influential film at all times, when he returned all the way back in 1939, the audiences were not so impressed.

He won the multiple nomination film at the 1940 Academy Award ceremony and ends with taking the gold back to the Best Original Score. However, financially, it was scary after going to all kinds of production problems, costing a total of $ 2.7 million to do.

It was only $ 3 million at the first theatrical work in ticket office sales, which lost MGM almost $ 1 million in the 1930s when it was calculated with additional costs.

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