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“Zozulya was interested not only in Getafe in Example”: why Spain is surprised at choosing Shevchenko

“Football 24” spoke to Elic de Scottishcete journalist, Hugo Pinha, who talked about rumors about a possible change at the Roman club, Zozulia, and also expressed surprise about Andrey Shevchenko's attitude to sending Albacete forward.

– In the Spanish press there was information that interest from the Romans Zozulya in Getafe, which is fighting quite exciting over European cups this season? To what extent are these rumors true?

– Now between Zozulya and Albacete there are no discussions on extending the contract, since the club has not made an offer to it yet. However, a special clausula has to be registered in the player's agreement, according to when the transaction should be extended automatically if Scotland makes it an Example. Now, let me remind you, the team is in third place (the first two in the club table receive direct tickets, and the teams from third to sixth play second games. opportunity – “Football 24”).

Zozulya has the chance to replace the second after Messi in the Exempt club, which is fighting for the Champions League, and Albacete is under threat

Albacete is not in a hurry to discuss with Zozulya, as it is now only April. However, it is true that he has an interest not only in Getafe, but also in other examples of clubs. Although we can only mention interest, there is no detail.

– Spanish experts and supporters call Romana Player Level Examples. Are you surprised not in favor of the Ukrainian team?

– Yes, it's a great surprise. Albacete has a number of top class players representing their national teams: Ballou (Canada), Ray Manai (Albania), Dani Torres (Colombia) … t

We understand that this is a 30-year-old football player, and performances in Segunda may not make him the best performer. But Shevchenko has already been put on the reserve list for games against Portugal and Luxembourg. By the way, he encouraged this Zozuli entourage, which, even, had not warned him personally.

Levchenko: Zozulya probably does not fit into Shevchenko's plans t

– Do you agree that Spanish referees are biased against Zozula?

– Yes, completely. The judges almost always present themselves over the player. We want to believe that this is just because of the virtues of Roman football: our real fighter, always putting a battle on his opponents in every part of the field … Rarely Spanish football is seen. Here they do not fight on the edge, but Zozulya does.

This season, he received 5 yellow cards and two red cards. And now we're talking about the front!

Coach Albacete Ramis: Mediators do not treat Zozule with the respect he deserves t

– Does Zozulya suffer from the incident with supporters Rayo Vallecano, who accused him of Nazism?

– Last year, when Rayo received Albacete, Zozulya did not want to take part in the game. However, he played in the second leg, and nothing happened. Only Rayo fans heard chants in his address.

This “cause” is more about his personality than the characteristics of football. This is a shame.

Zozulya did not help Tenerife shoot Albacete: great goal, high score and missing chances to get trick

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