Friday , June 24 2022

Xiaomi has released a smart toilet shutter for 5000 hryvnia


Xiaomi Tinymu is a new product for the smart home. The novel is covered for the toilet, which is made of a special plastic, and also has an intelligent voice assistant. Thanks to him, we can manage a number of functions, such as heating the front cover or rinsing at the appropriate temperature.

Xiaomi Tinymu is an interesting gadget for those who love comfort in the toilet. The Chinese company has a whole line of useful items that will be useful in a smart home. Device that has also been included in it. Tinymu will help make the rest of the room stay more comfortable.

Tinymu Xiaomi

Xiaomi Tinymu is a better version of the first model. Notable feature is an artificial intelligence function, as well as a voice assistant. Unfortunately, the XiaoAI assistant is still suitable for Chinese users, but support is planned in English. The voice assistant option allows users to control the gadget with commands. In this way, we can control different functions, such as washing or turning on the heater.

Tinymu Xiaomi

Xiaomi Tinymu also has a special sound warning when we sit in the toilet for more than 30 minutes. The panel is very easy to learn and is also suitable for Braille users. The equipment comes with a ceramic heater, thanks to the water rinsing warming very quickly to make the temperature desirable to the body. There is also 11-stage weight control. The roof of the toilet seat is created from E. Coli's special material.

This toilet reduction costs 1299 yuan, or just over 5,000 hryvnia. At present, the gadget can not be purchased only within a crowdfunding company.

Xiaomi Tinymu – main features:

  • XiaoAI Voice Assistant (Chinese only)
  • The ability to adjust the pressure and temperature of the water when washing
  • Special material against E. coli bacteria
  • A simple interface with the ability to use blind users

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