Friday , February 26 2021

Xiaomi company released a calculator for 470 rubles –

The Chinese company Xiaomi has released a calculator for 470 rubles. The device has a delicate white body with rounded corners.

Displaying the calculator can include 12 characters. The power button is green and the rest is white, as the device itself. The scope of the calculator is differentiated by a small "hump", which plays a stall role.

In this case, the Xiaomi calculator has already been called the most worthless device of the brand. In particular, users of social networks pressed that Xiaomi should release mechanical scores, which among other things contribute to the development of minor motor skills.

The cost of the calculator is 49 yuan, which is 470 rubles at the current rate.

Earlier, the Chinese electronics manufacturer gave smartphone OnePlus 6T phone buyers to use it. This step was to highlight consumers to the new Pocophone F1 telephone focus, which, with similar features, was cheaper than the OnePlus 6T. Buyers were asked to use the "add 2 + 2" calculator to draw conclusions and make the right decision when buying a gadget.

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