Tuesday , March 2 2021

Who is mainly motivated in the case of a Russian attack: the Poroshenko answer

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that, if Russia was a Russian assault, a partial movement of the first reserve was announced.

This president said on November 27 in an interview with Ukrainian journalists.

Channel 24, before that, said Parliament Speaker, Andrei Paruby, said that the law on imposing martial law in 10 regions in Ukraine for 30 days gives the president the right to announce a movement.

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"If there is an abusive, there will be a partial movement. First of all, the reserve of the first phase will be removed," said Poroshenko.

Added that Among the first, trained soldiers will be moved with the experience of taking part in counter terrorism in eastern Ukraine.

Immediately from the first records, we will significantly increase the size of our Armed Forces, re-distribute financial resources, provide all the necessary … Armed Forces of Ukraine and make the enemy responsible for prohibiting boundary the state of Ukraine,
– the head of state was assured.

military camp in Ukraine region map

Recall martial law in 10 regions of Ukraine came into force on November 26. The martial law will end on December 26.

Earlier, Pedro Poroshenko said that the fighting law would not affect the rights and freedoms of the citizens of Ukraine in any way, but would mainly relate to various military activities that, in the case of an assault, would allow him to stimulate & All resources are fast.

But the secretary of the NSDC, Oleksandr Turchynov, said that if Russia's aggressive density to the citizens of Ukraine increased and intensified, there would still be specific restrictions.

What is fighting law?
This is not a war declaration, but there is a special legal system that is introduced in Ukraine or in some cases in armed aggression against Ukraine, attacks on it, and also if there is a danger to the independence and territorial integrity of the state. The legal basis for the introduction of martial law is the Constitution of Ukraine, the law of Ukraine "On the law of law of martial law", as well as a decree of presidential. In order for the NSDC decision to come into force, the Verkhovna Rada must vote for. Law on the Legal Law Law System provides for a number of provisions on changing citizens' rights and freedoms, but not necessarily all of them will be introduced. A comprehensive list of human rights and freedoms as a citizen, who will be limited during the period of martial law, and the period of their restriction, will be in the Presidential Decree.

The main thing you need to know about martial law: watch the video

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