Thursday , January 20 2022

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In the midst of the night-end Donetsk nightclub, on November 9, he wondered a powerful explosion.

"At 18:30, unknown people came into a pumpkin flame at the 54 Rosa Rosaburgburg. At the time of the shot, the building was empty, there were no victims. The police had cordon from the building under the control of terrorists.

The explosion was held in the building where the Donetsk Science Center of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine used to be. When the Russian world came, the Donetsk Science Center was there, but it was dissolved.

In turn, "Der Junta Zeitung" on the social network recalls that the Givi (Mikhail Tolstoy) terrorism has been canceled once such weapons.

"Terrorists are looking for" saboteurs "of Ukraine also blocking nearby streets, searching for cars and locals thoroughly from" MGB "," DNR ", across the city, which was throwing two costs in the explosion area , none of them were exploding, "said the network.

As OBOZREVATEL said, an alarming terror at Donetsk on November 3. Then the car was blown. It is worth noting that there are warnings about possible barriers before the mock elections in the occupied territories, which have been scheduled for November 11.

The Ukraine Security Service on 9 November has already received the voting results hereinafter.

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