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We played better, but Dynamo was more productive –


Olympiacos's head teacher, Pedro Martins, involves defeating Dynamo in a two-game counter game.

Pedro Martins, photo: FC Dynamo

Pedro Martins, photo: FC Dynamo
February 22, 2019, 01:07

Pedro Martins commented on the result of his team and the departure of Olympiacos of the Europa League.

"Indeed, we played better, but Dinamo was more productive. Both games were balanced, we could use our chances, the score in the first game could be 2: 0 or 3: 1. Momentum was created in Kiev, but Dynamo took advantage of himself. No. "

"Indeed, we had a busy timetable. We knew it would be similar to this, but we did use it, and the result may be associated with it, but this is not an excuse. We lose a lot of players, but this does not justify us, "said Pedro Martins.

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