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We enjoyed football –


Dynamo Benjamin Verbich Midfield – for the game against Mariupol (0: 4).

Benjamin Verbich (left), FC Dynamo

Benjamin Verbich (left), FC Dynamo
November 11, 2018 22:56

– The game was not easy. The first time in a year was so cool. We had to warm up for a long time. In the first half it was harder, but fortunately we used our opportunity, scored, and then it was much easier.

– You're good at playing the central assault. Perhaps in the future you would like to play an attacker on an ongoing basis?

– No, I still want to play a spider. I would like to act on the one hand. Yes, now this situation has developed, and I have nothing against my current role, but I would like to return to the side.

– It seems that you today enjoyed the whole team football. The audience liked the photo of the game, which created so many seconds …

– Yes, it's true. After the first goal, as I said, it became much easier for us, there were more zones. Mariupol showed that they are a good team, they also try to play football. It's always good for us. Yes, they did not score 3 goals, for example, but they played well.

– You've scored today, but Shaparenko has differentiated himself, which already has 5 goals in 4 consecutive games! Does Nikolai deserve good words?

– Yes, it's very good. He works hard in training, even when he does not play. We told us that he would have a chance, and as we have seen, in the Ukrainian Cup competition, he jumped on his chances with both hands!

Ar video marks and corresponding review of Dynamo – Mariupol (4: 0) available.

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