Sunday , October 17 2021

Vera Kekelia and Roman Duda released a sensible clip – video

Vera and Roman Duda released a video on the general track "Tobi"

Vera Kekelia and Duda Roman. Photo: press service

Vera Kekelia and Duda Roman. Photo: press service

Vera Kekelia, Roman Rhodri and Roman Welsh, to perform Ekaterina Kukhar and Alexander Stoyanov in the final of "Dancing with the Stars", are proud for fans with news. The artists released a sensible video on the Ukrainian-language track "Tobi."

In the video, Vera and Roma played a couple who, in the same house, did not see each other.

As if it were in a collateral reality, everyone lives his life, noticing anything. Heroes spread in their inner world, until random touch changes their lives, giving them the opportunity to find happiness.

"Through the story in the video, we wanted to convey the idea that people often live without noticing others. Testing our failings, doubts, focusing ourselves on ourselves, we are lose the chance to be happier, to meet the "one" person and change your life, just open to the world and learn to notice the beauty of your surroundings, " – says Vera Kekelia.

The video was shot in the beautiful Ukrainian Carpathians among the mountains and colorful autumn forest. DUDA admitted that the movie crew must overcome difficult and cold weather conditions:

"The high mountain landscapes were incredible, I had never seen anything like this before. But fogs, ice in the morning and cold shooting were difficult. The most difficult scenes in the water. At the air temperature of 2-5 degrees, we shot at a frozen mountain waterfall, staying there for up to 20 minutes. Honestly, I can not get a ridge against a tooth, and even wet wet does not help. "

Lesya Podolyanko was the director of the video, the foreigner was Evgeny Usanov. DUDA is a text author and music of the constitution.

We will remind, Vera Kekelia said earlier about her complications. The actor admitted for a long time that she was not willing to look at herself.


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